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20. February 2014, 03:46:04
Subject: Re: Friends of Barb Peterson
Bernice: Is that pbarb2? great GREAT lady. I've wondered what became of her, if it was her. Sweet person.

18. February 2014, 20:33:04
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (18. February 2014, 20:33:57)
KasperNymand: Hmm. That's interesting. Of course I've been a rook for over 10 years lol. And I do always see bishops IN fellowships. (But that is possibly because they were already in there when they had a higher membership, and may not be able to actually participate) Someone else may have to confirm if I have given you incorrect information. If so, I apologize.

Have you tried actually joining? (Instead of just viewing)

18. February 2014, 20:18:48
Subject: Re:I just submitted again
The Col: I just wrote to him on your behalf, and mentioned it in Glob fellowship. We will see.

18. February 2014, 16:33:43
Subject: Re:
KasperNymand: Yes

29. January 2014, 16:33:13
Subject: Re: stairs
Modified by rod03801 (29. January 2014, 16:34:23)
winterangels: Your subject says "Stairs", yet you talk about being kicked out of a Tournament. So, I'm not sure what your issue is exactly. On your profile, I see you are indeed in one set of stairs, and were not kicked out. As a Pawn, you are only allowed in one set of Stairs. So that seems to be fine.

You currently have 19 games going. As a pawn, your limit is 20. To join a tournament, as a pawn, you DO have to have a certain number of free slots. I honestly don't remember how many that is. (4 or 5? I would imagine if it's "Single Elimination" that one slot would be fine) But I bet someone else does recall the exact requirement, and will say so. If you do not have enough slots, you will indeed not be allowed to start the tournament.

15. January 2014, 15:59:42
Subject: Re: game
winterangels: Someone might be able to help if you say which game it is. Your Finished Games tab in your profile only shows one game ending last night, and that was anti-reversi, and you actually did not win that game.

10. January 2014, 03:47:20
Subject: Re: automove ...
Modified by rod03801 (10. January 2014, 03:47:44)
JerNYC: "Uh yeah". I am simply pointing out that it is NOT a forced loss. (as you said it was) And that is still the appropriate board for it. Thanks.

10. January 2014, 01:03:22
Subject: Re: automove ...
Modified by rod03801 (10. January 2014, 01:05:02)
JerNYC: It isn't the best situation to get out of, but it is NOT a forced loss. I've won in that position before.

And the Frog Finder discussion board would be a bit better for this. If you go there you will see it has actually been discussed many times.

5. January 2014, 01:15:27
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (5. January 2014, 01:16:34)
MadMonkey: That can't be completely true. AD posted a video on the Music board shortly after your original post here.

The last time I tried adding a video to my profile, I couldn't get it to work too.

EDIT : Oops. Well your post I was responding to, disappeared before I finished typing this.
(The one where you said neither old nor new work at all anymore)

4. January 2014, 23:13:40
Subject: Re: egg
winterangels: It was a limited time offer. It is around this time that it always ends.

21. December 2013, 01:51:27
Subject: Re: My opponent just rolled a 1-9 (in Backgammon)
Artful Dodger:

8. December 2013, 20:07:01
Subject: COLORS
Modified by rod03801 (8. December 2013, 20:10:41)
In case you haven't notice, the codes for discounts are now active.

EDIT : Hmm.. well, I saw the lightbulb for a minute. But now I don't? Maybe they aren't yet? When I go to my shopping cart, it does say purple code right now though.

24. November 2013, 01:18:49
Subject: Re: Winter scene.
Artful Dodger: Lol, she's in UK, she is heading into winter like us. Well unless she moved lol.

16. November 2013, 19:25:22
Subject: Re:
DeaD man WalkiN: As Fencer suggested, you really should do a malware etc scan.

14. August 2013, 05:14:20
Subject: Re: Ludo. Or that group game you suggested a while back. I think that would be fun.

19. July 2013, 19:15:03
Subject: Re: This site's current estimated worth is...
Pedro Martínez: Funny. You can Google : "What is worth?" and you find figures that are quite different from each other. Wonder who determines which is "correct".

21. June 2013, 17:49:25
Subject: Re:
furbster: Taken care of.

2. June 2013, 01:17:47
Subject: Re: Brain distribution in knockout tournaments
Aganju: Yes, here is the thread.

14. April 2013, 03:09:53
Subject: Re:
chessmate.home: An account can't be deleted, as there are games attached to the account, of course. (and all games can be looked back at, etc.). The best thing to do is just make the new account and stop using this one.

21. February 2013, 00:41:30
Subject: Re: Longest match
Roberto Silva: He means it wasn't even a readily available option. Who ever created the match "went around" things to create a match that long.

*I think thats what he meant anyway.

28. December 2012, 01:54:32
Subject: Re: Vacation
Carpe Diem: Without looking, I'm not even sure the help area has the correct answer. Fencer changed the vacation system, um, a year ago maybe? Or maybe longer. Time flies. Vacation time is now used hourly. So when your games get to the "time out" time, you aren't using a whole day. You could come online an hour after one of your games would have timed out, and see you have 34 days 23 hours of vacation left.

Now, as far the more technical aspects, I'm not positive of the smaller details of it. But yes, right now you actually have more than enough vacation time, because on Jan 1st, everyone's vacation time refills to whatever their membership entitles them to.

12. December 2012, 01:17:45
Subject: Re: Bonus conquerer
Carpe Diem: Yes

11. December 2012, 02:11:41
Subject: Re:
Chimera: I sent you a message. Your code wasn't quite right. Try pasting the code from my message into your profile.

3. November 2012, 01:49:43
Subject: Re: Settings help?
likewowman2cool: That's the one I was kind of thinking might help him a little, too.

I'm STILL hanging on to hope that someday one more option will be added.
Move and Go to next flagged game

Where you can flag certain games. Prize tournament games might be something one might like to flag, for that option. Or if you have a lot of games, and you know of people who would like you to move fast with them, you could flag that game.

I can think of a few other good applications for that feature!

2. November 2012, 20:35:10
Subject: Re: Settings help?
Modified by rod03801 (2. November 2012, 20:36:23)
Carpe Diem: Have you checked out the options on the first page of your settings? I mean the part where you can choose which options are in the menu when you "Submit move and .... "

I swore there was an option in that list that might be appropriate for what you are asking. Maybe I'm wrong.

EDIT : Eh, I looked, I guess not. But there are some good options there if you haven't seen them.

24. August 2012, 20:31:23
Subject: Re:
Iamon lyme:
From the FAQ's :
3.1.2) I play a game with no time control and my opponent stopped moving, so it seems that the game will never finish. What can I do now?

If it is really clear that your opponent will not play the game anymore (for instance, he stopped logging in BrainKing 2 months ago), please send a message to the administrators and the game will be deleted. However, it is recommended to think twice before accepting a game invitation with no time limit and that's why a warning in bold red letters is displayed at the game invitation page, so you always play such a game at your own risk.

16. July 2012, 00:54:18
Subject: Re: Email
Rabbits2: CHeck now. Admin checks all changes. I just accepted your change.

8. June 2012, 21:03:32
Subject: Re: plakoto
speachless: As someone else said, I think this is something new. As though the image recently disappeared. I haven't noticed it up until now. But I know I'll be looking more carefully on my few current plakato games.

It is being discussed further on the Backgammon discussion board.

2. June 2012, 01:17:16
Subject: Re: 10,000 move achievement
Papounet: These are of course 2 completely different things. And numbers.

Yes, the 10,000 one is indeed in one day. (Server time - which is of course important)

The other is 100,000 - and that is in general, over time.

I think there was some confusion, earlier in the thread between these 2.
You pointed it out nicely.

4. May 2012, 02:47:15
Subject: Ban from tournaments
I see a new choice on profiles. "Ban from my tournaments"....

It IS new, correct? Or am I just very unobservant?

1. April 2012, 05:15:24
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
happyjuggler0: You're quite welcome. Sorry it wasn't more productive help.

1. April 2012, 04:57:00
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
Still no luck, I see. Maybe it's only Rooks. I forget the benefits of each level. Or does someone know that knights/bishops can have videos in profiles?

1. April 2012, 04:05:29
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
happyjuggler0: You're a brain bishop now. Let's see.

1. April 2012, 04:00:48
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
happyjuggler0: I'm not positive. I tried your new code myself, and it still doesn't work. I wish I knew how to send you a message with some code that I KNOW works.. However, it "disappears" because the message tries to "use" the code, if that makes sense. I'm not html expert lol

1. April 2012, 03:41:58
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
happyjuggler0: I'm sending you a PM with the code that worked for me.

1. April 2012, 03:37:39
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
happyjuggler0: Hmm.. I tried your code.. it left me with "/embed". So I thought you had an extra "/embed" in there. So, I took it out. Then I get a big empty space.

1. April 2012, 01:22:48
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
happyjuggler0: Actually, I just tried the code you used, and it didn't work on my profile either.
Go back to youtube, and be sure to check the box for "Use old embed code". That might work

1. April 2012, 01:19:17
Subject: Re: Posting video to profile
happyjuggler0: I could be wrong, but perhaps brain pawns cannot do that.

31. March 2012, 01:22:03
Subject: Re: Easter-Egg Question!
Aganju: I'm not sure if there is an "automated" way to do it. (I doubt it, but could be wrong). However, if you make the purchase, with a note to Fencer about it, I have NO doubt he will make it work for you.

12. March 2012, 16:19:18
Subject: Re: I have a fan!
I have shut off that account from sending private messages. It probably won't be back anyway though. I hope no one is broken hearted.

24. February 2012, 01:38:14
Subject: Re:
Bernice: All Brain Pawns need photos approved. The occasional times when a paid member needs theirs approved happens when they have put inappropriate items in their albums.

5. January 2012, 03:05:53
Subject: Re: Paypal
firedragon764: Personally, I've been using PayPal for at least 10 years, for many many things, and have never had an issue.

17. December 2011, 03:40:44
Subject: Re: Users Stats
pedestrian: Oh, I'm not one of the real "paranoids". There are a few people here that think every new person is someone else.

Of course those are the ones who probably have the most accounts. LOL

17. December 2011, 03:10:21
Subject: Re: Users Stats
Aganju: In my experience, a significant number of multi nics on this site, are here for other reasons than cheating. Many have mind games going on, rather than board games.

15. December 2011, 14:50:16
Subject: Curious about numbers
On the log in page, it says 99,997 registered players.
So, I thought that was neat, someone pretty soon, is going to be registered user # 100,000

However, when looking at the player list, as of right now, when I'm typing this, the most recent new user is user #100,103

I assumed it would match up. Just curious why it doesn't?

3. December 2011, 18:38:51
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (3. December 2011, 18:39:54)
Fencer: Personally, I think going to the Main Page would be more appropriate. That lets you know that the particular "filter" you chose, contains no more games in that "category".

I know it works that way with Move and go to Next Fischer clock game. When there are no more, it goes to the main page. I like that!

And if that means that particular choice is "broken" , PLEASE don't fix it!

1. December 2011, 03:03:29
Subject: Re:
thisbeme: People should be responsible for themselves. Read things before you sign up. The site itself shouldn't have to babysit anyone and decide for them what they do. The site can only (and should only) stop you from doing what you can't do that would be against the terms of your membership level.

30. November 2011, 23:04:03
Subject: Re: tournament removal
thisbeme: Well, unless you plan on renewing, I think you can pretty much assume all of those tournaments on your "open" list, will all be tournies you will be removed from.

26. November 2011, 01:06:16
Subject: Re: Just noticed
MadMonkey: I did a test tonight, and went through and only had 10 pawn games to move on, and they all came up, one right after other, using "move and go to next game with non paying member". Then, when they were done, it went to main page, as expected.

HOWEVER, I noticed that once I started then moving on my games, every time I submitted a move, it went to the next game with a rook (or whatever), instead of going to the Main Page. (I hadn't changed the default action).

So, I wonder if there's any connection.

So, what I found with "Move and go to next game with non paying member"
1. If it is from pawn game, and there is another pawn game it goes to another pawn game
2. If it is from a pawn game, and there is NOT another pawn game, it goes to Main page
3. If it is from a Rook game, and there is not a pawn game, it continues to just go to next rook games (or whatever level), without going back to Main Page.

I didn't get to test it, but I think #4 would be If it is from a Rook game, and there IS a pawn game, it would go to a pawn game, fine.

To me, all are as expected, except #3. To me it should go to the Main Page in that case, to be consistent.

25. November 2011, 19:05:33
Subject: Re: Just noticed
MadMonkey: Could it be that happens when you are out of "non paying members " to move with?
I haven't run into that problem yet, but I also haven't used that option as much as I usually do, lately. I've been pretty busy, so have been moving in order of time out most of the time.

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