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30. March 2018, 06:20:12
Subject: Re: GDPR regulation notification and changes
Aganju: Exactly.
YES, thank you Fencer.

16. March 2018, 01:10:11
Subject: Re: Poker
Universal Eyes: I hope that gets people to play the poker tables again. I haven't played them in a really long time, myself.

13. March 2018, 00:09:58
Subject: Re: Poker
Universal Eyes: You should mention which time zone.....

1. January 2018, 00:49:01
Subject: Re: 2018

24. November 2017, 23:09:25
Subject: Re:
No, your opponent was a pawn. Took your King and promoted to a Rook.
Just use the move arrows to go back 1 move.

18. November 2017, 22:23:21
General Chat, Like "Hello"s, really SHOULD be on the General Chat board not this one. Thanks for understanding.

4. October 2017, 00:25:46
Subject: Re: European Brainking tournament meeting
speachless: I don't know if you've ever seen this page : but there used to be get togethers in Fencer's area. There are no recent pictures, but I guess that doesn't mean that they don't still happen.

23. September 2017, 22:40:54
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (23. September 2017, 22:42:35)
heavenrose: Actually he does respond to people. He responds to me any time I've contacted him. (Though I don't need to very often).
So you can't say he "never" does. He probably doesn't reply to frivolous messages though.

Perhaps he hasn't been on since Doris wrote to him. Or at least not long enough to do anything about it.

10. September 2017, 02:48:23
Several of the most argumentative posts are gone. Some responses to them that don't make sense now with those other ones gone are deleted too.

There will NOT be personal bickering on this board. As was stated on the Fellowship board earlier.

And yes, General Chat should PLEASE try to be kept to "General Chat" board. It's certainly not a big emergency, but there is no reason why general conversation can't go there.

Thank you for understanding

9. September 2017, 18:33:06
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (9. September 2017, 18:37:00)
Hate me?! WOW. Guess it's those people who can't accept someone doing their job. I would like to think if those "haters' knew me on a more personal level, they might realize I'm not a monster.

Anyway, good thing I don't let something like that bother me. I don't know the people personally who hate me either. Though I also don't "hate" anyone here. There may have been a couple over the years though. lol. but they seem to be long gone. And I probably didn't "hate" them either. "Strongly annoyed" maybe. And I possibly thought they were immature *****s. But there's plenty of those in the world anyway, not just here.

I DO love this site very much.
Have a good weekend

4. July 2017, 21:26:29
Subject: Re:
Heavenrose: There actually is a board especially for birthday wishes.

7. December 2016, 02:21:58
Further posts arguing will be deleted and probably banned. That's enough. Thank you

1. December 2016, 04:10:32
Subject: Re:
Bernice: Too bad no specials again. I only have a couple more "colors" left to get my black rook. Guess That'll never happen at this point.

25. June 2016, 02:26:38
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
SL-Mark: AHH I get it. I'm slow sometimes.

24. June 2016, 19:23:55
Subject: Re: Should leave or stay on the internet?
ketchuplover: Why would you care if it stays or leaves? If you DO care, the easiest is for yourself to stay or leave. No?

24. May 2016, 01:20:33
I've been here since March 3, 2003 - and I too will be here right until the end. Hopefully that's a long time from now!

22. May 2016, 02:37:53
Two peoples' posts are hidden for now, until I have a while to go through and get rid of the ones that need to be gotten rid of. Then both parties will be unhidden.

After that, if the arguing continues, either or both parties will be banned from posting to this board.

This does mean that some of the "side posts" will be deleted as well. This is not any judgement on your reaction to the inappropriate bickering.

7. May 2016, 20:12:26
Stop it please

6. May 2016, 16:54:36
The bickering posts have been removed. Please let's get this board back on topic. Thank you!

8. April 2016, 00:49:44
Subject: Re:
Hrqls: Yes, I am/was close to finishing that achievement as well. I was planning on buying another year if the promotion came up. I still have plenty of time on my current membership though. It sort of makes that achievement unachievable if he doesn't bring that back...

4. February 2016, 00:57:19
Subject: Re: in frog finder
DeaD man WalkiN:

From the rules :!g=7280461

"The game ends when all frogs of one player are revealed on the board (no matter if they were shot or guessed). The other player gets a bonus of 2 points and 1 point for each own frog which was not found by the opponent."

1. January 2016, 04:24:39
I hope all Brainking players have an awesome 2016

17. December 2015, 16:37:47
Subject: Re:
Mélusine: I don't think Brian was being "arrogant" either. I would think all of us who have been around this site since around the beginning, miss the days when Fencer was so involved constantly. Yes, things change. I (and I'm sure most) accept that. Priorities change. Life changes.
I guess in my "hope of hopes" it would be for a bit more attention to be made? In Fencer's defense, he HAS responded to some things that needed to be taken care of recently.
It seems like there may be a bunch of old bug reports that have long gone unfixed? I can't think of any personally. At least none that have affected me.
But little things too. Like the BKR graphs. They would look better if those graph lines were continued. (They stopped a couple years ago). Again, it's very unimportant in the big scheme of things, but I guess it would be nice if such things were kept up.

This is NOT meant to be any sort of complaint. I love this site and am here every day, multiple times every day. And have been for over 12 years.
I'm just saying I understand why some of us "miss the old days". And yes, it would be SO cool to occasionally get a new game. (Quarto is a new favorite of mine from another site)

Of course my MAIN hope is that Brainking sticks around for a lot longer.
Oh, and I too would love if there was a Christmas deal! I still need a few "colors" (from the sales) to complete that Achievement to get a Black Rook.

27. August 2015, 00:20:29
Subject: Re: Ludo
crosseyed: While it's not that uncommon, it's definitely not that common either. In those situations a "real autopass" would be very helpful though.

27. August 2015, 00:15:35
Subject: Re: Ludo
Modified by rod03801 (27. August 2015, 00:16:41)
crosseyed: That's really not that uncommon.

27. May 2015, 04:18:02
Subject: Re: ThunderGr
Aganju: Yes, I'm thinking the same thing.

27. May 2015, 01:25:57
Subject: Re: ThunderGr
Royal__Flush: I wonder if it's connected to him working on that tournament problem. I just looked at my game sheet, and I now have games in that tourney, that are my opponents' turns and it says " -16581 days 23 hours"

23. May 2015, 05:46:18
Subject: Re:
ThunderGr: Seems a little late since the next section has started

23. May 2015, 05:09:59
Subject: Re:
Modified by rod03801 (23. May 2015, 05:10:30)
Walter Montego: It's every win from the section.
just for ME. I won against players #1 #2 #4 #6 and #7
so thats 5 + 2 + 3 + 0 + 1 = 11

For Hqrls . HE won against players #2, #4, #5, #6 and #7
so that's 2 + 3 + 5 + 0 + 1 = 11

For Pedro. HE won against players #2, #3, #4, #6 and #7
so that's 2 + 5 + 3 + 0 + 1 = 11

Obviously the results are WRONG

23. May 2015, 01:26:22
Subject: Re:
Walter Montego: In that section, all 3 of us, Pedro, Hrqls and I should have had 11 S-B points.

22. May 2015, 23:12:03
Subject: Re: Hmm...
Pedro Martínez: I noticed the same thing

29. December 2014, 17:30:00
Subject: Re: Strange tournament bug
rod03801: I looked at the running tournament list, and it is indeed on there twice. (I only purposefully created one of them). I have NO idea how I'd be on it twice though, because the only link I used was on the Tournaments discussion board.

Wait. I take that back. I MIGHT have used a link from a message I got when the tournament started, and maybe one of the times, it was the one for the mystery 2nd one.
No big deal I guess. Other than I did not create 2. Maybe it had something to do with using the template I had saved?

29. December 2014, 16:42:23
Subject: Re: Strange tournament bug
beach: I don't know. I know I only signed up on one link, and I personally seem to be in 2 tournaments on some of the games. (Definitely not all of them!).

EDIT : I just checked my own list, and for me, it's only 3 of the games that seemed to "Double up". Dice Chess, Dice Chess 10x10 and Frog Finder.
I don't know how many others had this happen. (Obviously at least in these 3 listed).


29. December 2014, 14:48:33
Subject: Strange tournament bug
I created a single elimination tournament that was set to begin Dec 26. It allowed for 2 extra days before being deleted. For some reason, it seems to have created "double" tournaments in some of the games. For example, Frog Finder. There is one version that has 4 people. Then there seems to be another version that has 5 people. When you go to it's main tournament page, where it lists all of the games of the tournament, it is only listed once of course, and if you click on it, you see the version with 4 people. (Not the "extra" one with 5 people)
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 is the 4 person one
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 is the 5 person one.

EDIT : Oh, it seems to have created at least 2 tournaments with the same name, but different tournament #'s of course
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 (#46532)
BAH HUMBUG!! #3 (#46491)

28. November 2014, 15:44:43
Subject: Re: yeah!
Modified by rod03801 (28. November 2014, 15:51:28)
speachless: S-B has nothing to do with ratings. I may not be wording it quite right, but it is based on the points of each person's opponent's whom they won against.

I know what I mean...

But yes, those are obviously wrong, in that tournament.

Here is an example of a correct one : Championship world BK 2013
If you scroll down to section 3 of round 1. It was a section that needed the S-B. It correctly made Schoffi the winner. He beat players 3, 4 & 5. Their points added up to 6. Whereas eefke (who tied him in points) beat players 1, 3 & 5. Their points only added up to 4.
Nothing to do with either person's BKR.

25. November 2014, 05:48:13
Subject: Re: back to brainking
Modified by rod03801 (25. November 2014, 05:48:29)
mal4inara: I hear you. I've been participating in this same debate for years now. Unfortunately, some people won't accept the reality of a turn based game site, and will attack people who don't play the way they would like. It's just the reality of it. It is really better to just let it pass, because some won't accept that its on them TOO for joining games that don't meet the ideal time constraints.
And I don't mean anyone who is participating in THIS current, civil, conversation.

25. November 2014, 05:09:26
Subject: Re: back to brainking
mal4inara: Please don't take offense. Gabriel Almeida is a good guy, and I am sure he really didn't mean to offend you.

I don't take offense by the comments. My response would really be the same as yours. I play in order of time out. If a tourney has crazy long time constraints, then they do take longer with me. As with you, if anyone looks at my profile, they would see I've BARELY touched MY vacation time too.

I've stopped joining new tournies, (unless they realllllly interest me), in an effort to get my number of games down enough to the point that I can hopefully make a move in every game, every day.

Like you, it is NOT my plan to hold things up, but I have seemingly done so. I don't join tournies with long time constraints anymore. I am also more than happy to concentrate on the older tournies, but it isn't always possible.

My main point is that I hope you won't be offended. There may be SOME people who purposefully hold things up, but I know it's not me, and I'm sure it's not you either.

I don't want to be in long, never ending tournies either. That's why I only join ones with VERY short time constraints, to FORCE me to keep up. As my # of games get down further, it will be less of an issue anyway.

27. September 2014, 00:06:24
Subject: Re:
Bernice: That's how it works. This is the "public" friends list. It is different than your regular friends list. This is a list where you are publicly showing you are friends. Anyone who clicked on your profile would see that he was a public friend. If you want to add Hrqls to your public friends list, you would first have to have him on your regular friends list. Then, next to his name, you would see a tiny lock. If you click that lock, it would send Hrqls a request. If he approves it, then he would be shown on your public friends list, on your profile.

21. August 2014, 15:59:40
The inappropriate spam was taken care of, and banned.

14. August 2014, 21:00:20
Subject: Re:
El Cid: It seems to be pretty routine at other sites though. For example GT definitely does it. I'm not sure it would need to be once an hour. Heck, once a day would be plenty and would help move tournaments along. Even not THAT often, would be an improvement.

14. August 2014, 00:34:54
Subject: Re:
BGBedlam: THe game isn't ended early. THe BKR would be figured as always. It's the tourney being moved to the next round or ended, etc, when it is mathematically known.

14. August 2014, 00:30:10
Subject: Re:
happyjuggler0: That is a MUCH needed feature.

13. August 2014, 14:40:00
Subject: Re:
Vikings: Yes. That was my concern when the stairs were created. Too many draws, due to 2 game matches. Thats why I like the "Very Fast" stairs. Those are just one game. I understand the reasoning on the other ones, due to games that one color has an advantage. Probably there is a better solution though.

13. August 2014, 03:48:36
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: I haven't experienced it either. But I don't use fischer that much here. Our user created tournaments are awesome.

I personally hated IYT's ladder system. But I ended up hating about everything about IYT. (And that was my full time game site before I discovered Brainking. I was obsessed with IYT. I bought all their merchandise too lol)
I think ours is decent. But seems to have lost interest. At least none of the ladders I'm in here are as active as they used to be. Err. I mean stairs. LOL...

13. August 2014, 03:37:42
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: Oh, no, all tournaments are site made or Club made. (some automatic, some wiki-based) Definitely not like here. I was only mentioning the similar time control opportunity

13. August 2014, 01:33:59
Subject: Re:
Marshmud: Goldtoken uses SOMETHING like it. Not exactly the same. Not as good probably. But it's something to help some games from "going on forever" for those who want that. I haven't used it much over there, so maybe it's more similar than I think. They also have tournaments with a "total length" too. (Their "Olympics" for example)

11. August 2014, 04:26:38
Subject: Re: time controls

13. June 2014, 22:44:38
Modified by rod03801 (13. June 2014, 22:45:24)
Let's please refrain from name calling.
He has definitely gone on and on about this stuff, and "quit" the site several years ago when he was asked to stop spamming discussion boards with the SAME rants over and over again. Then he came back under another name, and proceeded to do the same thing, and was given the same request. You may recognize another name that has more recently given the same complaints as this name. (Unless his posts were removed, I don't recall now) I have sent him a PM and reminded him that he has been given plenty of notice about "spamming" and it won't be tolerated this time either. (Not that he has done exactly that yet)

We should all remember, as Roberto said, that this sort of issue will always come up with turn based sites. It is just a "fact of life" that we all have to deal with different playing styles/habits.
For some reason, this person has never quite gotten over the fact that this is NOT real time and over the board playing.

6. June 2014, 14:44:11
Subject: Re: Freeloaders?
JerNYC: That was a pretty "snooty" post coming from someone complaining of a "snooty" membership base.
And sorry, but EVERY turn based site has people complaining of "the slower players". Even at the sites you list.

I, along with most of the paid membership base, certainly do appreciate the free players as well. It's only common sense that the base of available opponents would be pretty small if only paid members could play here.

17. May 2014, 04:04:06
Subject: Re: mixed games in round robin tournament
Aganju: I think it's a "bug".. but it's a bug i personally like.

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