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This is a list of all tips of the day. If you want to contribute with your own, please send it to info@brainking.com or Fencer's message box.

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1If all of a sudden the site shows up in a different language, just click the flag for your language and it will be back to normal.pauloaguia
2If you hover your mouse on a player's membership icon a tooltip with his/her main details will show up.pauloaguia
3You can use the Player List link to find players from your country.pauloaguia
4If you want to find an opponent with similar playing skills to your own look in the Ratings page of the type of game you want and find a player with a similar BKR.pauloaguia
5If you only look at some of the discussion boards on a regular basis you can add them to your favourite boards list by going to the Board page and clicking "Add to my favourite boards".pauloaguia
6If you want to find out more about some games you can check the links section and see if you find any interesting links there.pauloaguia
7When moving in a game you can choose which one will show up next by selecting the appropriate option in the list next to the submit button.pauloaguia
8You can send a message to your friends with just one click by adding them to your friends list and then clicking the small envelope by their name.pauloaguia
9If you want to save on bandwidth you can reduce the amount of information that shows up in your pages in the Settings. Try changing the number of games in the main page and the number of messages per page.pauloaguia
10If you don't want other users to know what you are doing you can change into cloak mode in Settings (paying members only).pauloaguia
11You can use some of the simpler HTML on your messages or, if you're a paying member, can also use the Rich Text Editor.pauloaguia
12If you want to greet someone in their native language try our Player's Dictionary, in the "more about languages" link under the flags.pauloaguia
13If someone told you something in a language you don't understand you can ask for help in the Languages board.pauloaguia
14Tired of placing boats or Espionage pieces at the begining of the game? You can go to Game Editors and save some of your favourite positions for future use.pauloaguia
15Do you keep losing on timeouts? Paying members can activate Automatic Vacation to automatically set vacation days when they would timeout.pauloaguia
16Tired of going through 2 or 3 clicks to reach that same page? Paying members can add it to their Context Menu.pauloaguia
17Don't you have any games to play right now? Browse around, BrainKing has a lot more to offer.pauloaguia
18You can check out how BrainKing evolved through time by reading the "What's New" archive.pauloaguia
19Keep your Inbox clean by Archiving important messages and regularly using the Delete All Messages in your Inbox option.pauloaguia
20Some tournaments give out a prize, such as a paid membership or an amount of Brains for winning them.JackAwesome
21Play a game in real time with an online opponent! For this to be possible, you and your opponent have to select the action "Move and stay here" as default and then reload the page with the F5 key!TeamBundy
22In the mood for a quick game that is guaranteed to finish within 2 hours? Create a new game of your preference, select the Time for game and set Time to 0 days / 1 hour, Bonus to 0 days / 0 hours and Limit to 0 days / 1 hours.TeamBundy
23If you want to always be warned about the latest post on a discussion board, you can receive the posts on your news client by clicking the RSS logo at the top right of each board.pauloaguia
24Want to play more games but you're having trouble decide which game to start? Enter a tournament with random games.pauloaguia
25If you click on a person's name and then click Finished games you will have a list of games that have been completed, then click on the name of the game to get a summary of all of these games, then click on the name of the game again and you will have a game to view and analyze.Servant
26If you want to play a game with an opponent of a similar level, you can define a required BKR range for a new game invitation. Then nobody with a BKR outside this range will be able to see/accept it.Katechka
27If you are waiting for your turn, click on "change" next to the "refresh" on the main page, then set refresh the page to 30 seconds to get your turn to move displayed faster.Servant
28Use the Notepad to see what your Profile will look with html tags before submiting your new profile. (Paying members only)rednaz23
29If you need to find an older message from the selected user, click on his Profile and use the "show this user messages" link at the page top.konec
30If you are interested in a progress of a tournament you are playing, you can discuss it with your opponents at this tournament's discussion board.HelenaTanein

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