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coan.net (BIG BAD WOLF) - Brain Kalesi, 443 Brain, 1000 başarı puanları
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Bugünkü aktivite: 0 hamle (Sunucu zamanı: 17. Mayıs 2021, 22:30:03)
En aktif durum: 2222 hamle (11. Aralık 2004)

ID:2560 (önceki isimleri göster)
Üyelik:Brain Kalesi (25. Şubat 2003 - sonsuza kadar)
Ülke:Birleşik Devletler
İlk giriş:5. Şubat 2003, 16:25:56
Son hareket:13. Mayıs 2021, 02:26:22 - ana sayfaya göz atıyor
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Hafta tatili günleri:Salı ve Perşembe
Kalan tatil günü:45 gün - otomatik tatil gününü kullanıyor

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June 2018 - I'm currently not playing any games - no longer on any teams - taking a break on playing games.  I still visit every once and awhile, make some new Team Tournaments or Polls for fun - but I could easily be off-line for long time periods.  Have Fun!

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(formally known as)BIG BAD WOLF

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I'm not a quick mover, sorry. When I was a quicker mover, I overextended my games to close to 1,000 games. I have since got that count down to around 300 - my goal is under 200 games at one time.

At one time I had a goal to get an established rating in every game on BK. (104 games in total). I have it in 72 games, with many only need a couple more to get established - but I GAVE UP THIS GOAL - why, because I really hated playing games I did not like - not to mention I had too many games to play. One day, I may pick this goal back up - but for now, I'm sticking to games I actually like to play.

NEW GOAL: I would like to get a 66.66% win rate - that is win 2 out of every 3 games. I'm currently at around 63% win rate. (and if I did not play all those games I did not like to get established BKR's, I would have already done this.) But now that I'm back to mostly playing games I like - it should not be long before I achieve this goal.


I've been on this site for almost 5 years, have been part of the customer service team, and currently part of the Global Moderators - who help watch over the public discussion boards.

I have created over 3,200 tournaments, 4+ time more then anyone else. I also help with creating site team tournaments for fellowship teams to compete in.

I have "invented" the game Frog Finder - which is a Top 10 game on the site of currently ran games. It is also a very well balanced game, with around 14,000 games played - almost 50/50 win rate between player 1 and player 2. I hope that Fencer will also put at least 1 Frog Finder Variant on this site, plus I have other game ideas that I would love to see here. Some game ideas are listed on my website: http://coan.net

I have also "created" 2 smilies on this site: and (which says Good Luck in 20 languages)

I'm married, with 1 child - Information Systems Manager (computer guy), live in the USA (Illinois), and I'm happy to try to help anyone with this site - so please feel free to send me a message if you have a question

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Spend most time here, but can also be found on:

  • ItsYourTurn as macoan (BIG BAD WOLF)
  • Daily Gammon as macoan
  • LittleGolem as macoan (BIG BAD WOLF)
  • GoldToken as coan_net
  • Pocket Monkey as macoan (BIG BAD WOLF)
  • YourTurnMyTurn as coan.net

    I'm the BIG "BAD" BOSS of 3 fellowships, each focused on different types of games. Two of the fellowships are open to ANYONE, well that is as long as you are a Knight or above and can join Fellowships (The other is a more "private" fellowship). If you are interested in any or all of these, please go and request membership.

    The Gammon Cube - Dedicated to all Gammon games. Open to everyone. Open to all skill level. We play in the team tournament, plus many tournaments available only to Fellowship members

    ! BIG BAD ! Battleboats - Dedicated to all the Battleboat games. Open to everyone. Open to all skill level. We play in the team tournaments, plus many tournaments available only to Fellowship members.

    BIG BAD WOLF's Private Den - This fellowship is more of a private fellowship, NOT ACCEPTING REQUESTS TO JOIN. INVITE ONLY. It is for a simi-small group of friends, to get a few teams together and such.

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    Find more information at: COAN.NET

    Good Luck & Have Fun! ☺

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