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Chessmaster1000 (George Tsavdaris) - Nível Peão, 0 Brains, 35 pontos de façanha
Pontuação total: 851 vitórias, 12 empates, 988 derrotas, 8 vitórias em torneios

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Nível de inscrição:Nível Peão
Primeiro login:12. Janeiro 2004, 22:08:37
Última acção:14. Setembro 2005, 13:27:53 - A sair
Total de fichas:
Fim de semana:Sábado e Domingo
Dias de férias que restam :10 dias - a usar férias automáticas

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Descrição: Hello,

I'm 22 years old, my name is George Tsavdaris and i study Mathematics and Physics......

I'm one of the best player at Backgammon on earth(well there are others at the same level but not above-well perhaps a little above.....) and i would probably already have a ~2700 here if i didn't lose a huge amount of games due to timeout.....:-(

Once again my amazing "problem" of losing games because of running out of time, stroke again!
Until now i have lost because of time: 80 Backgammon, 6 Chess, 1 Maharajah, 2 Three Checks Chess, 2 Anti Chess, 3 Extinction Chess, 35 Gothic Chess, 1 Amazons, 1 Janus Chess games.
So just invite me and wait to lose on time........:-)

I enjoy playing every board game (Chess,Backgammon,etc), i play on a high
level football(soccer), basketball, i love to watch football and basketball, i
love to watch beautiful women, i love exploring the world and the sea, i love mathematics, i love card games i like programming and especially C and i could give all my money just to see Michael Jordan playing again........
He was the greatest athlete ever on earth. Schumacher is the best, Kasparov and Fischer were the best, Michael Jonson was the best, but all were humans.
Michael Jordan did things that humans can't do.......So go out and scream his name............!

I was also trying to solve Reversi 8x8 and i was close enough, but i've stopped
the try and now i will try to solve Connect(Line)-4 8x8. Perhaps you could
donate me $1.000.000 to encourage me continue the try.
Until now i had only 3 one million donations and this is disappointing but i'm waiting for some more........

I play seriously here:
Chess, Gothic Chess, Backgammon.

I play just for fun here:
Janus Chess, Extinction Chess, Dark Chess, Amazon Chess, Horde Chess, 3 Checks Chess, Loop Chess, Amazons, Hyper Backgammon, Atomic Chess, Fischer Random Chess, Five in Line.......

I belong to the turtle players.... That means i play very slow. Of course you can ask me to be a little faster. But with 700+ games running, this is not very easy........

Brainking.com is the best for 3 reasons: BEST graphics, nice people, nice environment. It could be better if there was a live option for playing games but you never know..........It could be even better if they will give us $100 for every won game.........:-)

Where is the white Knight......? The best illusion i've seen........!

My homepage.........
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