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Walter Montego - Nível Torre, 595 Brains, 475 pontos de façanha
Pontuação total: 8544 vitórias, 183 empates, 4888 derrotas, 68 vitórias em torneios

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1991 Quantum Chess set

Número de fotos: 11
Actividade hoje: 164 movimentos (Tempo de Servidor: 14. Julho 2024, 21:40:02)
Maior actividade: 1338 movimentos (16. Agosto 2022)

Nível de inscrição:Nível Torre (7. Setembro 2007 - indefinidamente)
Primeiro login:8. Fevereiro 2003, 18:31:17
Última acção:14. Julho 2024, 21:00:22 - A sair
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Fim de semana:Sábado e Domingo
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Descrição:I am writing this to clarify my position on the matter of draws, especially in Chess type variants. I am against them and think they should not be allowed.
I will only accept a draw offer if you can force a draw, or if there is insufficient material for either of us to win, or you have the winning position and want to not win for some reason. December 6ᵗʰ, 2021

If you do not want to chat during a game, just say so or ignore me. I'll get the hint. Blocking the feature or me from messaging you will just get me to do likewise or I might just resign and block you.

Also, I do not play games that cannot be seen by other players when the game is completed, nor will I play Backgammon with the auto pass feature disabled. July 14ᵗʰ, 2018

Link to get pieces for Embassy Chess and Grand Chess. And also a 10 × 10 board. It'd be nice if the board had a 10 × 8 on the other side or if the site offered a separate board of 10 × 8 as the 10 × 10 board looks nice. http://www.mindsports.nl/index.php/get/game-material
Link added February 26ᵗʰ, 2014.

Some pictures of the pieces on a 10 × 8 board courtesy of Sickliquid.

A DIFFERENT LINK for Chess Variant pieces.
The links inside this link will send you to the House Of Staunton site. There you can buy various kits that contain two designed pieces that can be used for the Marshall and Cardinal, and also many others such as the Amazon or Janus. I see a problem with the Janus as each side uses two of them. Aside from ordering two kits to get the extra pieces, you could just use both from one kit as Januses even though it would appear you different pieces. I suppose asking House of Staunton for a kit containing four Januses might work if they'd go for it. July 17th, 2016.

It's been nearly four years since I've typed to this profile page. October 1ˢᵗ, 2010.

I moved to Colorado in January (yes, January, yes it was 15º F the second night I was here) after spending almost my entire life in California. And then I went and took a 48 States/Western Provinces Refrigerated LTL OTR job in March. What's that, you ask? 48 States is any state of the United States except Hawaii or Alaska. Western Provinces is British Columbia and Alberta in Canada. Refrigerated means the trailer has a refrigeration unit. In the case of the company I work for, it has two such units and we separate them with a bulkhead when running two or even three temperature compartments. LTL means Less than Truck Load. This is different than TL which is Truck Load because we will take many shipments on the trailer and deliver them to many destinations as opposed to Truck Load which is just one or maybe two or three stops all loaded as they're going to be done. As you can imagine this LTL creates a lot more logistical problems, especially if the scheduling has you arrive at a place that has their freight in the nose of the trailer in a different temperature compartment while you still have the rear of the trailer loaded with other deliveries to be made. OTR means Over The Road. Which is what truck driving is! The trailer is 53 feet (16 meters) long and has a spread axle. This allows us to carry more weight (Up to 86,000 pounds [39,000 kilograms] in some jurisdictions) but it comes at a cost of maneuverability when turning and makes backing into a place from an angle harder too. And of course the length is always a challenge as the damn thing won't bend in the middle like a set will! (A set is two 28 feet trailers)

Anyway, I mention this job because it takes me away from home and makes it harder to play on this site as fast as I like to. This is why I have longer time limits than some of my long time opponents might recall me playing with. I still move as fast as able, so don't let it make you think I'm using the clock on you or stop you from playing a game with me because of a bad experience you've had with one of the "clock poor sports" types that move fast when winning and really, really slow when losing and you're stuck with a thirty day time limit on your Pawn 20 game started game limit. It has had the benefit of allowing me to play people that like a longer time limit, so that's cool! :)

I have this week off, and next week I'm traveling to California for a month. I will try to move while gone. A friend's portable computer. (I might have to get one of those some day, but hey! at least I finally have access to a cell phone) When I return it'll be back to the job, but I'm thinking I might get a local job even though it'll pay a lot less. Nice to be home every night instead stuck in some truck stop in off duty and not getting paid as the truck isn't moving!
mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm

Dang it! I went and got hired the third week of November 2006. Now I can't seem to get to the BrainKing as often as I'd like. I'm still here, but you might have to wait a day or two longer than my usual move every day. I was off so long, I've forgotten what it's like to go to work. After two days, I'm remembering way too much! :(
Oh well, at least it's Friday! Best day of the week. When's payday? :)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

That company went out of business February 18ᵗʰ, 2006. So I have my favorite job again. Drinking cold beer on the front porch with my neighbors as we idle the day away shooting the breeze. :)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx

Yeah, I went and got another job. Now I can't play everyday like I like to. So I'll be looking for a new job soon. :) I still move often enough, but if you've come to like playing against me because of my moving day and night then you'll just have to deal with it. Work sucks, but I need the bucks. It was nice to have the summer off.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

October 31ˢᵗ, 2005 I have decided to stop playing any new games of Backgammon until such time that there's an autopass feature and the ability to have matches played counting gammons and backgammons without having the double cube involved. Thank you to all of my opponents. Perhaps we'll play yet again. :)
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Feel free to send messages or invitations. I'll reply yes or no to the invitations, messages will depend on content and if it appears that you're expecting a reply.
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

I have disabled the Smileys of this site and any animations too. If I fail to respond to one you might incorporate into a message to me, this might be one reason as to why.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

March 4ᵗʰ, 2004. I have joined the site as a paying member. It's a good site. The games and people are fun. Hope to see you at the table. Good luck.
I'm back for awhile November 8ᵗʰ, 2003 restart. I'm entering Andreas Kaufman's Dark Chess tournament, if any would like to get a couple games going there. I have a few spots left for some side games. If any of my long lost opponents would like to continue a series, please drop a line and we'll get a game going or enter Andreas' tournament and we'll meet up for a championship. :)
---------------------- -----------------------

Started my turn based game career on It's Your Turn in June of 2001. I'm really good at most games and almost an expert at Dark Chess. Always up for a good game. I might become a paying member of this site. As I'm in the BrainPawn category I'm not able to play many games at once. If you'd like to play a game, drop a line or an invitation and I'll get back to you one way or the other.
I have stopped playing new games as of April 2003. I decided not to join the site at this time and am also leaving It's Your Turn.
If you need to get a hold of me, please send a message to me here. I will check in from time to time. If I start playing again, I'll look up some of my opponents from here and we'll have some games again.
Thanks for the games and friendship. I'll catch you next time. Take care.

Advisory 9-19-5
Please be advised that I might quote you or talk about messages that you send to me privately or post in a public discussion board unless I have given prior notice and willful consent to keep same a secret. Your sending of a message asking that it be kept secret will not obligate me to keep it a secret unless I have said that I would prior to your sending it to me in the specific case that we are talking about. Unsolicited messages have no rights at all and I shall freely use them as I see fit. Though I generally do not repeat anything told to me, especially gossip, I will exercise whatever discretion I deem appropriate for the matter at hand.

It should also be remembered that the site owner can view all messages at any time. Please keep this in mind when sending messages to me or anyone else.
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