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11. Janeiro 2024, 15:07:01
11. Janeiro 2024, 00:28:30
Nikiballstar I have my reasons which I don't have to reveal.

I block those who are rude to me, or demand I resign from a game, or was part of the group attacking me a couple of years ago spreading lies about me. I don't block on a whim, it has to be something rude/upsetting.

Any further posts on my wall will end in a ban.
10. Janeiro 2024, 21:46:33
Why did you block me?
18. Maio 2022, 01:52:22
I have been thinking about the discussion on the brainking board for a couple of weeks.

To me it is ridiculous to ban anyone from a country because of the leader and their actions. Not all Russians support the war on Ukraine. After all, Americans weren't banned when Trump was their leader. Not all Americans are fanatic Trump worshippers so why punish all Americans for the actions of a few.

That discussion showed the "true colours" of some players, who are now on my blocked list. Unfortunately, I had just signed up for a few tournaments in the fellowship of one, so it will be a while before I can leave that fellowship. I could resign all the games, but I am here to play, and I'm not letting the actions of the big boss influence how I feel about the people I am playing against.

I support Ukraine, but I will not condemn all Russians, after all a lot of ordinary Russians are suffering as well. A little empathy goes a long way,
16. Abril 2021, 08:12:41
Just a few observations.

On my blocked list is yet another person with two accounts. Apparently one account was banned but it is still active.

I am not bothering with creating ponds and tourneys, hardly anyone signs up.

I am finding more and more spiteful players. They are going to lose, and all they have to do is click on a move then submit. Instead, they click resign then submit. Which then means that game will not count toward any achievements. Really spiteful, same number of "clicks", and I have stated that I was working towards achievements.

I have had a long time player make a strange statement to me, and when I asked what they meant, I was ignored. Someone I thought was one of the good guys. Frustrating.

I am reducing games, though I will still sign up for tourneys that interest me. Usually single elimination as that doesn't add a heap of games at once.

There are still good people here, it's just getting harder to find them.

Those playing at "silly buggers" with copy cat accounts are morons, and I'm just not interested in it anymore. If you get a thrill from cheating, well that says a lot about your character.
12. Janeiro 2021, 21:24:21
So, peach wine. the fake peach account is saying they are someone named Tony and only have one account. Then, why the hell was that account an exact copy of peach wine at the time, including the name Harald. How stupid do they think we are not to notice? What a joke.

Of course, they most probably won't see this wall posting, I would post to their wall, but it is disabled. If they had nothing to hide, the wall would be visable.

And an account started late November 2020 had "friends of mine" driven from the site. Would love to know how someone who is adamant it is their only account had time to make friends who have subsequently left in just a few weeks. I smell a ton of bullshit.
2. Janeiro 2021, 20:12:29
Yep real mature peach wine. At least others can see you for what you are, I don't delete wall messages like you do, so the joke is on you............
2. Janeiro 2021, 10:58:51
Peach Wine 
mal4inara, New Zealand, Brain Rook (forever), Female mal4inara
Using that logic, you have three accounts, peach wine, heavenrose and peach wine. but we all know nice works (formerly nice works.) and peach wine. are troll accounts. After all, both were exact copies of the originals, lacking in imagination.

At least, those of us with integrity and honesty, who don't cheat by playing themselves and having more than one account, know it.

2. Janeiro 2021, 09:51:26
Peach Wine 
2. Janeiro 2021, 00:47:58
Think I touched on a nerve. Peach Wine yet again accusing nice works of having 2 accounts, namely nice works best (the original) and nice works (formerly nice works.). So I replied that by his logic, he has 3 accounts, peach wine, heavenrose and peach wine.

And that a lot of us know nice works. and peach wine. are troll accounts, originally copied exactly from the originals. (Now that is a tongue twister).

Nek minit (next minute to non kiwi), his wall has gone. Maybe it was my mention of integrity and honesty, something surely lacking in someone playing against themself.

And we haven't seen charity for a few weeks, yet more sponsorship wasted.
5. Dezembro 2020, 21:02:10
Well that is very disappointing. Harald and Charity have had memberships purchased for two of their accounts each, namely Peach Wine, heavenrose, Cool1cat and rose78. Guess that is a reflection of the world today, where lying and cheating is rewarded. After all, Harald is still playing against himself.

And I've said it before, I will not cheat to get brains. I know that brains have no value now due to the rampant cheating and taking advantage of glitches, but to me, it is morally wrong to use illgotten brains. I know there are plenty who disagree, you just have to look at all the brains tournaments that have been created. Still cheating, still using something you haven't purchased or earned.

Am I on a high horse? I prefer to think of it as being honest, having integrity and morals, something that is lacking more and more in the players here. There are still plenty of good people though.........
15. Novembro 2020, 03:29:08
So had a quiet time for while, Charity's two account's went dark end of August. But now she is back, using cool1cat again. How long will she last this time?

As for Harald, he keeps opening his wall, letting messages be posted, then closing it again and deleting some messages. Makes him look delusional, as the remaining messages don't make sense. Oh, and Harald, there are a lot of people who know you run two accounts who play games against each other. And asking for sponsorship for both. Taking advantage of others is despicable.
23. Agosto 2020, 08:50:49
It looks like Charity has two accounts yet again. I was informed of a possible second account, and I am sure it is Charity. Rose78, logs out within minutes of cool1cat, and plays similar games, a pattern that happens with peach wine and heavenrose accounts. And if this is Charity, she is asking for sponsorship for both accounts, and lying thru her teeth as usual saying she only has one account.

Oh, and she threw another tantrum a few weeks ago and resigned all her games. It's easy to see when this happens, take a look at ludo games and see how many were resigned and when.

And she had to nerve to beg for sponsorship from other players on their walls.

Such blatant cheating is disgraceful.
11. Julho 2020, 08:08:07
So cool1cat thru yet another tantrum and resigned all her games a few weeks ago. Now she has games again, how long til she resigns them as well? And peach wine/heavenrose has had a falling out yet again with cool1cat, history repeating. Both are still asking for sponsorship, proven cheats abusing the site.

And now cool1cat had on her wall that she isn't peach wine, we all know that, she was heavenrose but gave that to peach wine.

Now, I wonder how long it will be before cool1cat sees this. BTW, anyone wondering why I put this on my wall, it's the only way I know to have a record of the rampant cheating, I absolutely despise cheating and lying.
30. Abril 2020, 21:55:39
Now Cool1cat has used her illgotten brains to pay for membership for peach wine. She got those brains by exploiting a bug in the system and should not be able to use them. I could get 100's of brains that way but i won't, i believe in buying the brains (which you can't do anymore), or winning them in tournaments. That is why i only have 12 brains left, i am not going to cheat, even though it means I can't enter brains tournaments. Whatever happened to integrity and honesty??
27. Abril 2020, 14:12:21
Well well well, cool1cat has done it again. Was given membership in February but in March threw a fit and wasted that membership by resigning all her games. Last login had been March 10th (I remember because it was on my birthday), and now she is back playing games.

In case anyone is wondering I keep an eye on my blocked users list, you never know when charity might start using one of her many older Id's.

And, yet again, she is asking for paid membership, does she have no shame? She wasted two memberships, hope she doesn't do it again.
7. Dezembro 2019, 21:17:33
Cool1cat is now rose467 after not logging on for weeks, charity is back, has sponsorship, and back signing up for games/tourneys then not logging in and timing out. As of this post, last login was 3rd Dec, and she has timed out on a few tourney games with me. What a waste of sponsorship......
18. Setembro 2019, 09:20:01
I am just really pissed off with the cheating, lies and exploitation of bugs going on. I just want to have fun and play games on a site I used to love.

I would love to say exactly what I really think, but this is still a family friendly site.
18. Setembro 2019, 09:16:09
Since all this started with Charity and her multiple accounts. These are the ones I know about, and many overlap, with playing games on more than one account at a time. First one was charity, where she lists two other accounts she plays under.

black cat

heavenrose - gave account to Peach Wine who is currently asking for membership/sponsorship for both accounts he is running

B & G - gave this account away

cool1cat - current account being used by charity
18. Setembro 2019, 09:07:46
There are now multiple players cheating when it comes to brains. Somehow they are exploiting a bug and accumulating brains. Brains have not been available to purchase for years, yet new players have 100's of brains without winning any brains tournaments. One player who had been a member for a couple of months had over 9,000 yet denied any wrong doing.

Other new members are entering tournaments with brains they shouldn't have. Who wants to play with cheats?
11. Agosto 2019, 23:43:40
I must read that book lol.
6. Agosto 2019, 20:40:16
Oh, and I would like to recommend a very good book my sister leant to me. I haven't finished it yet, but I am learning a lot that applies to me.

It's called, The Subtle Art of not Giving a F**k, by Mark Manson. It has the word f**k in it multiple multiple times, but if you can handle that, its a great read.
6. Agosto 2019, 20:35:25
It's so amusing to me that I am being called trash for telling the truth. The funniest part was Peach forgetting my username for a few hours, but trashing me nevertheless.

Charity trying to act innocent and Peach supporting her is pure gold. Who do they think they are fooling? Charity knows full well that she lied straight to me, and then I dug deeper to find how much she has cheated. My wall will be staying as is, as a record, after all Charity has posted under more than one name on it.
6. Agosto 2019, 04:30:14
Sure Peach, just pointing out why those brains can't be used. That was what you asked and I answered. Not my problem that you prefer to have your head in the sand when it comes to charity and her cheating ways.
6. Agosto 2019, 04:01:41
Peach Wine 
Charity knows why she can't use those brains. She found a way to cheat and get them. They are not wins from tournaments as she claims, as it is very easy to see that her won tournaments as heavenrose don't have any brains tournaments. She went from 1000 brains to 2075 overnight, and lied when she was asked where they came from. Fencer knows she cheated, that is why the brains can't be used.

Charity, if you are so insistent you won them on tournaments, list them for all to see, otherwise, just own up to cheating. I DO NOT NEED THIS ON MY WALL, SO I AM RETURNING IT TO YOU. OKAY?
12. Maio 2019, 00:52:26
In reply to your message in my wall, it would appear that Charity has memory problems. She is begging for membership again in the pawn registry. Does she not realise that everyone knows she is heavenrose?
Why are you begging for membership Charity?
You already had a membership paid for by someone else. Then you give it away to Peach Wine, like you gave away the other account that B&G now uses, that was paid for once again by someone else.
Now who is telling lies again? You are Charity.

24. April 2019, 05:40:18
12 days 6 hours
3. Maio 2019, 00:18:35
You can delete and ban those other ID's of Charity's in your wall. She defaces so many walls.
Thank you for standing up to her.
3. Maio 2019, 00:02:48
Yes I figured those out by reading back on the general chat board. Made it easy to ban/block. I never used to read the chat board so this whole thing was a bit of a shock. Anyway, thanks for your perseverance.
2. Maio 2019, 23:29:41
You have some of Charity's multiple Id's already in your wall.
Angel Star was the one that caused so many problem many years ago.
Redrose 1.
B&G which was heavenrose, but now given to B&G while she still had paid membership by someone else. I gather she wants that back.
heavenerose as you know she has given to Peach Wine after someone once again paid for her membership. So that is cheating.
And now cool1cat.
2. Maio 2019, 20:00:48
I am an honest person and I expect others to be honest. I can see that cool1cat was created 23 Jan 2019, when you were still using heavenrose, so obvious cheating.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt, but a red flag was raised when you said you had been on brainking for 8 or 9 years, but heavenrose was created 15 may 2018. That made me look deeper, and I was surprised and disappointed to find you had had several accounts.

As for brains, it is very simple to see where they come from. Just click on the brains link at the top of the main page. Mine shows my history, I purchased 600 brains 20 February 2006, have won a few tournaments and lost more, and now I am down to 17. My only way to get more is win some of the tournaments I am signed up for. You won't say how you got so many under heavenrose, it went from 1000 approx to 2075 in a very short time. So the only conclusion is you cheated. Remember, we can see what tournaments you have won, so saying you won tournaments is a blatant lie.

I play fair, and don't cheat. Every game under my name I have played myself. I am judging you yes, your actions are those of a cheat and liar, and I can't trust you at all.

I am also banning you from my wall, I have had my say. Also banning the names I know about, which are quite a few.
2. Maio 2019, 18:37:45
everything i said was true, im only using 1 account so bye
2. Maio 2019, 18:37:19
okay well want believe every else your choice and u have no right sit there judge me,
2. Maio 2019, 06:31:33
It's very simple, I have NO time for those who cheat and lie. And you can't blame Mary either, I have done my own research. You are not abiding by the user agreement, you have had multiple accounts, at the same time, and somehow have got lots of brains from nowhere. And asking for membership when you "gave" away one? That's just nasty.
2. Maio 2019, 06:28:23
i didnt do anything to you for block me. i am heavenrose
2. Maio 2019, 06:26:51
i thought we was friends
2. Maio 2019, 06:25:36
2. Maio 2019, 06:25:32
why block me
15. Março 2019, 04:23:38
5. Março 2019, 02:45:40
4. Março 2019, 18:47:00
3. Março 2019, 20:12:03
3. Março 2019, 04:23:36
thanks for playing with me :)
29. Janeiro 2019, 06:08:29
27. Dezembro 2017, 06:55:17
5. Fevereiro 2012, 08:09:57
11. Outubro 2010, 19:50:15
9. Janeiro 2010, 22:59:37
10. Agosto 2009, 05:16:18
18. Agosto 2008, 11:57:38
Woo Woo ! Another Firefly fan. :)
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