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 Missing people

This board can be used as a missing folks board for people who are away from the site for a period of time. This rpobably would mean a month or longer.

If anyone has info on some one who hasn't been at the site for some time please let others know. The original intent of this board was to get and give info on missing people after Katrina and Rita hit the US..

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    16. Fevereiro 2015, 20:27:37
    Papa Zoom 
    anyone know what's up with ennukene00? He's been off since Dec and is nearly timing out on his games.

    4. Julho 2010, 05:12:04
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    alexlee: Gerry started it.

    3. Julho 2010, 18:25:47
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    "GERRY": I'm missing.

    11. Dezembro 2009, 07:04:59
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    baddessi:It's 17 degrees right now.  brrrr

    no snow but it's coming.  Won't stay.  It will rain next week. 

    6. Dezembro 2009, 06:42:12
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    baddessi: Whoah! That is too cool. I'll have to come over and we can play a duet.

    4. Dezembro 2009, 05:19:42
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    baddessi:  Glad to see you're ok and glad you had a good trip!  Happy belated! 

    4. Dezembro 2009, 04:45:18
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    alexlee:  Not sure.  She's probably on Facebook but I deleted my old account there so don't have contact there anymore. 

    4. Dezembro 2009, 02:11:00
    Papa Zoom 
    baddessi has been gone forever and is at zero vacation days and now is timing out.  She ok?

    24. Julho 2009, 00:36:06
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    ScarletRose: I will. I don't think Ihave his phone number any longer though.

    23. Julho 2009, 07:03:45
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re: Has anyone heard from
    ScarletRose: I've called Clay several times but he had no intentions of returning as a regular to BK. This was quite a while ago.

    11. Setembro 2006, 06:18:17
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re:
    Fiona:  I think I just noticed that she logged on today :)  I wrote her  :)

    8. Setembro 2006, 03:23:55
    Papa Zoom 
    Anyone hear from Josetta?  

    12. Julho 2006, 18:19:09
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: Re: merrymerry

    Stevie: Is she coming back to BK?   Give her my address and tell her to say hi cuz I miss her!!!  groucho-m@comcast.net



    9. Julho 2006, 05:46:57
    Papa Zoom 
    Assunto: merrymerry
    has anyone heard from her?

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