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Summer Flame - Brain Pawn, 0 Cervelloni, 120 punti obiettivo
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Sottoscrizione:Brain Pawn
Primo login:25. Gennaio 2003, 13:44:24
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 I am 37 years old and i live in Portsmouth UK. I have recently got married. We have 2 boys One who is 8 and one who is 7 years old, and he also has cerebral palsy (mild) he takes a lot of my time up.

Love to chat and play, so invite anytime for any game and some fun.

If you wanna game send me invite, only Nice people please, NO USERS OR LIARS thanks :) you know who you are. A friend shares good moments, A true friend shares all the good, bad and very bad moments.

I Also play at am a club pogo member there, Also play at Goldtoken too, My nick at goldtoken is the same as here

This is dedicated to people who thought they could use and abuse me, Tell me what to do and what say, so to all those people, read this and know i am here to stay

This Summer Flame
Was once so black
So cold
So alone

People used and abused her
Her flame slipped away
This Summer Flame Fought back
Her darkness turned to light

This Summer Flame now burns so brightly
She will never leave in your darkest hour
She will never leave when that hour has passed

She is someone special
To treasure forever
Engraved on your heart
forever and ever

When you feel blue
Her flame will warm you
When you are down
She brightens your day

BY jenny 06/06/04


  1. I brought him darkness

  2. but he gave me light

  3. I brought him hate

  4. but he gave me love

  5. I brought him pain

  6. but he gave me pleasure

  7. I brought him tears

  8. but he gave me laughter

  9. I brought him War

  10. but he came in peace

  11. I brought him dishonesty

  12. but he gave me trust

  13. I brought him Ugliness

  14. but he gave me beauty

  15. I brought him clutter

  16. but he gave me space

  17. I became his enemy

  18. but he gave me friendship

  19. I pushed him away 

  20. but he pulled me back

  21. I am his Mum

  22. He is my son.
  23. </ol>
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