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I am the one and only!

How did I come up with my screen name? A former classmate of mine once asked me what animal I would be if I were an animal. I replied "I would be a cat". My former classmate then said "But of course, I should've seen that one coming!" He then started calling me 'Damn Cat', in his words because at the same time that cats are so intriguing with their independence they can also be so very annoying because of the same reason... And I am very much like that, my way or the highway

Besides being the one and only I am 29 years old, engaged, and a mother of a girl born '04, and a boy born '09. I am now a registered nurse, graduated in June '08. I currently work at a Hospice! (Although I am on maternity leave at the moment!). I'm very interested in sports, especially . I love to work out and spend a lot of time in the gym lifting weights and doing a lot of cardio exercises. I love animals and have two myself but one of them lives with my parents. I also love to (party) and I love dancing! I love to play games of course, favorite games here at BK are the Backgammon variants, Ludo, Mancala, and the Battleboats variants.

When it comes to soccer there is one team that will be forever in my heart... HELSINGBORGS IF
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