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Interview avec The Col (10. Avril 2008)

Why do you think you were selected for this interview?
Most likely it was affirmative action related,me being Canadian and all.

If this was your site what would be the first thing you'd change? (if any)
Everyone has an opinion,but being a business owner myself,I've learned there's often more than meets the eye.
I might suggest we change our beloved dragon Erving's head wear more often though.

How did you find about BrainKing? What made you stick around?
I'm a refugee from IYT.I dabbled when they were down for a long period and eventually it began to feel like home, so you're stuck with me now.

Why "Dudley Do-Right"? And have you ever ridden a horse backwards?
Why not Dudley Do-Right? I'm all for perpetuating stereotypes.
I don't ride horses,I can never find the brakes.

And did Dudley & Nell ever wind up living "Happily Ever After" (without "Horse")?
After the series was cancelled,Dudley drifted from job to job.He made a few appearances at shopping mall openings and kids birthday parties, he eventually landed a job co-managing Chuckee Cheese with Nell.
Horse was sold to a local polo club to help make ends meet.

Tell us a little bit about where you live in Canada. What's it like there?
I live in Toronto, Ontario.I was born and raised here.We have a pop of close to 4 million and the weather is about the same as any other city on the Eastern Seaboard.Recently it was determined Toronto's population is composed of 46.9% minorities,we have some of the best restaurants in the world,in every variety.Toronto has the second largest Italian population next to Italy

How did you first 'discouver' music as a child?
Well,music was always part of my environment, my dad's country music and my sisters Dusty Springfield and Leslie Gore records,always blasting from their bedrooms.The magic moment for me was probably in music class when I was in grade 2.The teacher put American Woman by The Guess Who on the record player and asked us to just move to it.I had never experienced the feeling that came over me,it was like a current running up my spine,I was hooked.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Probably going to my first Toronto Maple Leaf game and being able to visit the players in the dressing room afterwards.I was able to meet my favorite player.A week later he sent me letter apologizing for not being able to spend more time with me,pretty classy move,and it began my emotional connection to God's Team.

If you were stranded on an island.Would you rather have food,water,or a horse?
This sounds like an IQ test.......I'll take the horse,he can take me to food,water,and provide transport...........and company ;-)

What musical instruments do you play.?
I'm a drummer,my folks got tired of me using our bar stools as bongos and bought me a set.

Of all the books you have read which is your favorite.?
This is a tough one,I only read biographies,never fiction.
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon by Crystal Zevon.

I couldn't put it down,the life of a very flawed but brilliant man.

What are your favorite foods?
Lobster and honey garlic spare ribs.I've learned that if you like to eat,you'd better be able to cook.I'm a feel cook,no halfa cuppa this,blah blah recipes.My rottisore is great for nice crispy chicken wings.

If you could be any cartoon character, what would it be?
Well,I went out for Halloween once as Peter Criss,(KISS drummer)I brilliantly used actual black shoe polish,man did it do a number on my skin lol................I would pick Fritz the Cat

As a kid, what did you dream about doing when you grew up?
I wanted to be a rock star,probably still do.I also remember often telling my mom that I didn't want to leave this world without leaving my mark,deep huh.

What is the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to you?
You know, either there's been so many,or I don't have a major traumatic event that pops into my head...................I do know I am bad remembering names

Have you ever rescued anyone?
emotionally or physically?

Have you ever seen BOA in concert?
Not live,but I was a big fan as a kid,David Lee Roth totally ripped off Jim Dandy's stage persona,I'm big on originality.

What do you think Jim would say if he saw you using Dudley DoDork's pic over his. lol
I think Jim has a sense of humor and has enjoyed a few hearty guffaws watching Ole Dudley,...did you have a bad experience at Chuckee Cheese? why am I talking 3rd person?

What is a good example of a piece of music that you listen to as an observer, admiring or examining the composition or performance - vs. - an example of a piece of music that you experience emotionally or connect to through a certain mood
Songs that I've played.I often listen to strictly counting out changes and anticipating certain passages.I rarely can just relax and take it in as strictly a song to be enjoyed,it becomes a mental exercise

."Long Distance Runaround" by Yes,and "High Class In Borrowed Shoes" by Max Webster are two examples of this.

San Jacinto by Peter Gabriel, never fails to touch me and send shivers,very hypnotic and spiritual.

Is there anything you have regreted not doing so far in your life? And if so, what?
I am dying to visit the UK,New York and LA.

I also regret declining the offer to join a touring rock band when I was 18,I sometimes wonder where it would have taken me.

Is there any one person in your life who you have tried to follow? And what trait did that person have that you admired?
Probably my dad,he had the gift of making a stranger feel like an old friend in a very short time

What was the most naughtiest thing you have ever done? And did anyone ever catch you? (remember this IS a public board! LOL)
My brother inlaw and I once emptied the contents of a Keg restaurant's liquor cabinet over the course of a New Years Eve.We noticed the door was open while hanging our coats.Our trunks were full by evenings end,everyone in the bar(including staff and managment)were too tipsy to even notice,it's legendary to this day,everyone has a theory,we were never caught because we bought off peoples silence with the fruits of our labour...................shhhhhhh

Have you ever had an out of body experience? And would you say that is more ghost like.. or part of another dimension.. ?
I can't personally remember an event such as that,but I'm pretty open to phenomenon and parallel universe theories.

if you were an animal which one would you be?
a rabbit

would you rather have Toronto Maple Leaf season tickets for the rest of your life or concert tickets at any venue in the Toronto area the rest of your life ?
Gods team is on tv every game,they even have their own friggin channel,I'll go for the concert ticks.

What things do you find yourself doing that you said you'd "never" do.
smoking ciggs,I used to give my mom hell about smoking

If you are going to receive an award in 5 years, what is it for and who is the audience?
The only thing I could see myself being award worthy of,is for my work with the Humane Society.The audience at these types of events are usually a mix of 2 and 4 legged creatures,just as it should be.

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