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7. Octobre 2008, 02:26:19
Sujet: Re:
redfrog:  Are these good? ...I just love series books and am ready to start a new one...if they are sappy romantic stories I am not interested, but if they involve history and fantasy I would like it.  What is the theme?

23. Octobre 2007, 05:15:23
Sujet: Re: Robert Jordan isnt among us anymore :(

Have you read any of these and do you recommend them?
If one were to start the series where should one begin?
I have occasionally started series from the final installment and read backward
By accident mainly, but it still works

30. Août 2007, 02:28:10
Sujet: Re:

The novel Outlander by Diana Gabaldon would be an interesting read for you then
It's the first in a series

29. Août 2007, 04:47:04
Sujet: Re:

Do you have an interest in Scottish history?

11. Mai 2007, 03:54:59
Sujet: Re: W-O-W.....What a story...............................

Running with Scissors is one of My Favs too
I wonder where it is in the list
If you have a copy and want to add it to the library ask one of the mods

7. Janvier 2007, 05:27:54
Sujet: Re: Happy New Year Everyone

Hi Barb
Didn't you love One Thousand White Women?
The title conceals the historical content of the novel, so most people wouldn't pick it up.
But I loved it.
If there are no takers, send it back to me.
It is my book and I'll read it again...
 Songs in Ordinary Time  I have already read it twice
If anyone loves pathos, this is your novel.

I have at least 10 good books to add to the mix that I have read in the past 2 months.

We need to re-organize this site
Make one library alphebetically by author
Include all the books in everyone's lists.

There is so much to read..............

2. Novembre 2006, 02:49:57
Sujet: New Books
Thanks Antje!
Listing your books in our library of available books for check out means that anyone who wishes to read any one of your books simply needs to PM you here at this site and you will send it to them for free.
In return I think they should add a book on the library  list
Ben Franklin did this
We can improve on his idea.

25. Octobre 2006, 05:29:52
Sujet: Re: Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire

Golly YES
email me the list because all of the books on the current list are mine and I have read them all

PM me here at BK

24. Octobre 2006, 04:58:52
Sujet: Re: Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire

Thanks so much
I have read all of these novels and would love to share them with anyone
People new here need to know that we pm our addresses to each other when a book is requested
No one's address becomes public knowledge
This is an honor system and it has worked very well for over a year now

The two novels by Gregory Maguire are separate:


Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

One is based upon the Wizard of Oz  (made into a Broadway Play)
The other is based upon the Cinderella story

BTW  Hi Dolittle!

23. Octobre 2006, 05:34:34
Sujet: Re:

Hi Do
What happenend to Eriisa?
Did she hand her duties off to yo?.  Let's just promote this site, if possible, by word of mouth, and maybe we'll get more visitors and more interest.  Are you able to add the books I have in the list of books available?
And perhaps it should be titled differently
Instead of Book Circle Request List it could be Book Circle Library List, which implies that these books are available and can be "checked out"

22. Octobre 2006, 19:26:01
Sujet: New Books
Hi everyone
I certainly hope we get back into book trading now that winter is upon us
 I have several new books to add to the mix:

The Secret History by Donna Tartt
Wicked and Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire
The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
A Wedding In December by Anita Shreve

Some of these are a little dog eared and wrinkled from getting damp while I read them in the pool.  LOL
More to come

12. Octobre 2006, 02:18:43
Sujet: Re: Searching for a novel.....
modifié par ajtgirl (12. Octobre 2006, 02:19:15)

The Glass Castle by Jeannetee Walls perhaps
It's in our library here at the Books Fellowship

Check above to the requesty lists
If this is the book you want I have it here at home and can send it to you

Did you read the Dark Tower Series? by SK

12. Octobre 2006, 01:34:09
Sujet: Re: Stephen King

I have read everything Stephen King has ever written
Not that I can quote from them or remember every single story
But I love his writings
First time I read The Stand I had just moved to NYC and the scene in the tunnel under the river was frightfully real to me.
I could really visualize it having been in those places. 
Every book he writes is special to me...He is one person I would love to sit down and have a talk with
Are you telling me that the first edition of  The Stand was edited and I did not read the real thing?

24. Juillet 2006, 04:35:55
Sujet: Re: Re reading



Will you add  Our Hands Are Stained With Blood  to our library?

I will be first on the list to read it.


PS  One Thousand White Women is a story about early  civilazation in the USA

in the times of Lewis and Clark

23. Juillet 2006, 05:58:53
Sujet: Re: Re reading

Mousetrap: Will you give us the author's name, title,  and a brief summary of the book, if you please?

18. Juillet 2006, 02:31:54
Sujet: Re: "I Am a Cat" (吾輩は猫である) By Natsume Souseki (夏目漱石)

Is it translated into English?

18. Juillet 2006, 02:30:32
Sujet: Re: Mind over matter


I am so delighted that you have fond memories of Charles Dickens' writings.
Being deaf, they must have been quite an education in elocution
He was one wordy fellow and with a sharp wit, indeed.

God bless you
I am still reading Hard Times

16. Juillet 2006, 04:58:38
Sujet: Re: David Copperfield.
Of course not, and I didn't mean to offend
I lived in the panhandle, strictly agricultural and livestock
The parents in our school district, who elected the school board and chose the curiculum
were making future farmers and homemakers in 1974
I learned a lot there but not about reading or the arts
But I can sew an entire wardrobe for a man or a woman!


16. Juillet 2006, 02:38:41
Sujet: Re: David Copperfield.

I went to high school in Texas and they didn't give a darn for Charles Dickens
I have just finished Great Expectations and am ready for Hard Times next.

His imagery and vocabulary are so beautiful and I love his style of always promoting the underdog.

11. Juillet 2006, 03:37:40
Sujet: Re: Re david copperfield

You may have read it in high school, but did you understand it then?

11. Juillet 2006, 02:11:09
Sujet: Re: The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Darn I thought I was replying to Doliitle but whatever
I still don't have this book back from my son's girlfriend, although she read it and was charmed by it.

I'll send it on
Do is the most proficient reader amongst us.

I am almost done with Charles Dickens:
Four Complete Novels
including Great Expectations
Hard Times
A Christmas Carol
A Tale of Two Cities

I would only pass this on if I could be certain that it would be appreciated and read thoroughly

My favorite book of all time is David Copperfield

Has anyone read that?

11. Juillet 2006, 02:02:05
Sujet: Re:

It's on it's way to you

I hope you enjoy it as I did

7. Juillet 2006, 03:17:56
Sujet: Re:
modifié par ajtgirl (7. Juillet 2006, 03:18:36)

if you like very finely written but very gritty, dark stories, i strongly recommend reading

Cell by Stephen King

I'll send it to you if you want it

16. Juin 2006, 02:38:45
Sujet: Re:

Thanks Dolittle
I got it yesterday

I have finished Swan and found it to be well written and uplifting
Who's on the list for it next?


Can you update the list with the 4 books I'd like to circulate?
See two posts back


5. Juin 2006, 02:33:00
modifié par ajtgirl (5. Juin 2006, 06:26:39)

I have 4 books to add to the library:

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (a novel set in the Scottish highlands in the 1700's.  First in a series of 5 or 6 about the hisdtory of the  Scottish clans and their rebellions against England)

The Life Of Pi by Yann Martel ( a fascinating journey of a 16 year old boy emigrating from India to North America)

The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason (an unforgettable novel of a British piano tuner who is sent to the Burmese jungle in the nineteenth century)

The Secret Life of Bees
by Sue Monk Kidd (" a remarkable nobel about divine female power" ) A NY Times Bestseller from 2002

5. Juin 2006, 02:23:02
Sujet: Re:

I'll take "The Last Five Dollar Baby"

Still have my addy?

23. Mai 2006, 10:39:45
Sujet: Re: next?

What did you think about One Thousand White Women?

I'll send Glass Castle as soon as my son's girlfriend gives it back...

23. Mai 2006, 01:14:48
Sujet: Re: next?

Yes I was and Amandalove sent me Swan and I received it today.


No takers for The Glass Castle?
Or Blow Fly?

I have them both

22. Avril 2006, 23:31:59
Sujet: Blow Fly
I am ready to pass this on...anyone want to read a medical examiner mystery?

8. Avril 2006, 07:13:21
Sujet: Re: steven king
The Stand
opened my eyes to his writings. It was regarded as horror because it involved the results of a bio catastrophe.
The book is not about horror, it is about
Good vs Evil

One of the Best Books I have ever read

7. Avril 2006, 20:29:20
Sujet: Forgot one
Also add Cell by Stephen King, his most recent novel

Does Dolittle want Songs in Ordinary Time?
If so, send me your addy again...I misplaced it.

7. Avril 2006, 20:26:40
Sujet: New additions to the Library
Hi Everyone! I read Blow Fly while on vacation so am ready to pass it on. It was a good vacation read.

I also would like to add these to circulation:

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls

Let me know who wants Blow Fly next or any of these others.

21. Mars 2006, 05:14:39
Sujet: House of Sand and Fog

Is an excellent read. I highly recommend it. I also recommend The Kite Runner...already gave my copy away, I think, but if I find it I'll add it to the library.

21. Mars 2006, 02:16:40
Sujet: Hi Everyone!
Dolittle...I received Blow Fly today, just in time for my vacation.
Thanks a lot!

Erissa...I mailed A Million Little Pieces to you today.

18. Mars 2006, 00:54:27
Sujet: Re: Million Little Pieces

Thanks Dolittle
Do you think I'll get it before Wed 3/22?

I am leaving for Kuaui for 2 weeks that day.

18. Mars 2006, 00:09:00
Sujet: Million Little Pieces

OK I got it...I have a few more pages to go but will get ot to you ASAP

17. Mars 2006, 03:03:21
Sujet: Re: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey - Request List

send me your mailing address

17. Mars 2006, 02:43:43
Sujet: Re: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey - Request List
I also have a copy of James Frey's book
I can put it into circulation in a few days...still reading

13. Mars 2006, 06:06:37
Sujet: Re: Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell - Request List
You are right that all is well now

Got my addy from 10,000 White Women?

12. Mars 2006, 07:22:00
Sujet: Re: Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell - Request List
I just today mailed Cane River to Kipling
The links to the individual books offered are not working yet, but I'm sure you'll figure it out Ms Anemone
or are you a full blow dahlia?
Sorry I am really tired just wanted to alert that i have mailed out 2 books............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

11. Mars 2006, 03:53:09
Sujet: Re: Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell - Request List
Please put me on this list
Thanks Eriisa

11. Mars 2006, 03:52:23
Sujet: Re: Songs In Ordinary Time by Mary McGarry Morris - Request List

*Ajtgirl has this book
as well as Cane River

2. Mars 2006, 02:00:36
Sujet: Re: Swan by Frances Mayes - Request List
Yes i am therE NOW
DAMN i AM using my son's computer and the keys are so tiny i can barely see
nEED My reading glasses
too lazy to correct
Good night all!

2. Mars 2006, 01:40:41
Sujet: Re: Swan by Frances Mayes - Request List
Not sure if I am on the list
Just double checking in case I'm not

We'll figure this out
You are doing terrific service Eriisa!

1. Mars 2006, 03:06:41
ajtgirl it

1. Mars 2006, 03:03:55
Sujet: Re:
I thought Hrlqs was a female.
I've been playing him/her as if she was a female for 8 months.
But I really like her little puffin face
How do I know where to send my books when people get on the list?

1. Mars 2006, 02:15:47
Sujet: Re: My contribution

yes, go ahead and make a request list if possible. I'll search up more to add soon

Dolittle: I highly recommend One Thousand White Women

It's like nothing I have ever read before

1. Mars 2006, 01:54:37
Sujet: Re: My contribution

1. Mars 2006, 01:54:11
Sujet: Re: Swan by Frances Mayes - Request List

1. Mars 2006, 01:53:19
After I made this post I read back to see what i have missed. Sorry to be slow on the uptake, but I will mail, free of charge, to anyone anywhere any of the books I recommend. I will only send out those that I will miss when they are gone! That's what books are for, IMO.

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