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    28. Mars 2019, 00:06:05
    Sujet: Re: polls
    Nothingness: If you are Big Boss (and maybe Little Boss?, I forget) of a fellowship, you can create polls in your fellowship.

    27. Mars 2019, 15:07:49
    Sujet: polls
    im assuming only lead moderators can create polls?

    7. Juillet 2018, 16:08:25
    Sujet: Re: New poll ideas
    What type of knife/knives do you EDC?
    Do you always carry something to write with and write on?
    Cats or dogs?

    24. Janvier 2017, 03:21:18 
    Sujet: Re: Other sites
    heyblue32: Good idea - I've put up a poll about other game sites.

    23. Janvier 2017, 18:07:32
    Sujet: Other sites
    how many play on other sites

    18. Décembre 2015, 05:12:21 
    Anyone have suggestions for polls - "Fun" would be great, but can be serious also.

    15. Décembre 2015, 03:44:05

    17. Juillet 2015, 02:22:56 
    Sujet: Re:
    Brian1971: I know... it surprised the heck out of me also. I was driving home, and "You should make a new poll on BK pop'ed into my mind" - and when a random thought hits me, I listen.

    17. Juillet 2015, 01:23:48

    26. Avril 2014, 07:26:10
    Thank you very much for all the answers

    25. Avril 2014, 02:15:38
    Sujet: Re:
    ThunderGr: Also, if you have a fellowship, you can create polls inside your fellowship, for the members of your fellowship

    25. Avril 2014, 00:05:39
    Sujet: Re:
    ThunderGr:, or Tanein

    20. Avril 2014, 13:09:26
    Sujet: Re:

    20. Avril 2014, 09:08:23
    Who can create polls?

    24. Septembre 2013, 16:19:19
    ur a cheater dr 
    almost one year no one post here yet

    24. Septembre 2013, 16:18:19
    ur a cheater dr 
    Sujet: Re: new ?

    29. Octobre 2012, 14:47:28
    Sujet: How many...
    political polls have you answered? a candidate topic so to speak

    29. Octobre 2012, 10:37:19
    Sujet: Re: Cool, maybe one with something do to with halloween or perhaps something a bit silly and random! :o)

    29. Octobre 2012, 04:18:13 
    Sujet: Re:
    furbster: Anyone feel free to post ideas, I'm always open to ideas. I'll try to post a new one in the next few days.

    28. Octobre 2012, 19:02:37
    Any more polls? Need 1 more for the next achievement :o)

    24. Juillet 2012, 14:43:00
    Sujet: Re: Apparently not, I guess.

    Right above the list, though, it says that green dot means a poll I haven't voted in, but there's no green dot by the poll. And I obviously didn't vote in it.

    24. Juillet 2012, 05:19:27 
    Sujet: Re:
    rod03801: Not sure, but would a green dot show up on closed ones that you did not vote in?

    Just took a quick look at the one with the least amount of votes -

    Don't see that you voted in that one, so I would guess you might have missed a few here or there maybe.

    24. Juillet 2012, 03:40:16
    Sujet: Re: Weird. My profile says 47/50 for polls.

    Yet when I look at the list, it appears I've voted in them all. All 48 of the "closed" ones, and 3 of the new ones. (I don't see any green dots indicating I DIDN'T vote in any)

    24. Juillet 2012, 02:29:38 
    I know I don't release many polls, so to make up for it - I added 3 new Olympic polls!

    2 are to see who you will think win the football (Soccer) gold in mens & womens. These 2 polls end SOON around August 1st, around the time the first round ends (so if you want to wait to see who is eliminated to pick....... just don't miss the deadline.)

    The last is a more general one about what sport you like the most - it is scheduled to end just after the Olympics end to give a little more time to vote.

    ****** THIS NOW brings us up to 51 total public polls, so lets see how many people will be earning their 50th public poll Achievement! *********

    28. Mai 2012, 23:20:45 
    Sujet: Most Olympic Medals
    modifié par (28. Mai 2012, 23:21:49)
    Just released a new poll today - to guess which country will win the most overall medals at the 2012 Olympics in London.

    I found a website which had it's own predictions, and I took those top 10 countries to include in this poll.

    The United States has won the most in the past 4 Olympics, but many think they will not win the most this year! Last Olympic, China won the most GOLD medals, but the United States won the most overall.

    Can China pull out more total medals? Can the host country pull out more medals? Or will there be a surprise country ready to take the most medals?

    And sorry in advance, I normally have a "no opinion" option in the poll, but I forgot to add it in this one (can't add answers once I released the poll) - I will try to have a default "no" answer in future polls.

    28. Mai 2012, 23:03:55
    Sujet: Re: NASCAR poll

    thank you

    27. Mai 2012, 15:12:40
    Sujet: Re: NASCAR poll

    slightly belated kudos

    1. Mars 2012, 02:16:50
    Sujet: Re: NASCAR poll yea!!!

    28. Février 2012, 21:51:44
    Sujet: Re: New poll
    modifié par aaru (28. Février 2012, 21:52:35)

    28. Février 2012, 17:49:18 
    Sujet: NASCAR poll
    In case anyone is curious on the NASCAR Daytona 500 winner pole, the winner of the race was Matt Kenseth

    Only 1 person picked Matt Kenseth: alilsassy

    Again - feel free to post new ideas for polls here or in my message box.

    22. Octobre 2011, 14:04:14
    Any more polls? I'm getting close to another achievement ;o)

    19. Juillet 2011, 07:36:56
    Sujet: Re: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 FINAL shame i could not vote in it

    everytime i clicked to vote
    came up has if i hadnt so gave up in the end

    13. Juillet 2011, 23:42:58 
    Sujet: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 FINAL
    OK, another VERY SHORT POLL

    Who will win? Japan or USA?

    Who will get 3rd place? France or Sweden?

    10. Juillet 2011, 20:26:33 
    Sujet: FIFA Women's World Cup 2011
    VERY SHORT POLL - Only open a few days.

    Who of the 4 semi-final teams will win the FIFA Women's World Cup 2011?

    27. Juin 2011, 15:33:12 
    Sujet: Re: Circus poll
    MTC: Opps - forgot to add that option this time didn't I. I'm usually pretty good about remembering to put the "other" and "no opinion" options on there... but can't update once they are live.

    Sorry about that.

    27. Juin 2011, 07:38:58
    Sujet: Circus poll
    Where’s the “None of the above” (or just “None”) option in the new circus poll?

    3. Juin 2011, 16:10:08 
    Sujet: Superhero Poll
    Congrats to the 14 people out of the 279 voters to get the correct answer.

    Which superhero would win in a fight? = 14 votes.

    All the rest are make believe, and I'm real - so I should be able to win in a fight! :-)

    7. Mars 2011, 05:20:57
    Sujet: can't find where to create a poll.
    modifié par thisbeme (7. Mars 2011, 05:22:15)
    Should a player win by timeout if it is impossible to fulfil the victory condition on the board?
    E.G. no checkmate possible, theoretically unsurpassable score.

    12. Janvier 2011, 02:47:51 
    And yet another new opinion poll out there about movies.

    7. Janvier 2011, 23:57:39 
    New Public Opinion Poll (for those who might have put the notification on hide)

    2. Décembre 2010, 17:32:45 
    Opinion Polls:

    2018 World Cup (our picks: Portugal & Spain 42% --- England 27% --- Russia 15% --- Belgium & Netherlands 14%)

    Real Winner: Russia

    2022 World Cup (our picks: Australia 58% --- Qatar 17% --- United States 14% --- Japan 8% --- South Korea 1%)

    Real Winner: Qatar

    Congrats to these 43 people who picked correctly: MadMonkey, Chaos, goodfoods,, Beaupol, kase, Nirvana, KingBrain, Chaosu, Triss, furbster, Fitzmertz, Wallace, juantwo, ital, Tripeiro, dhaas70, Gabriel Almeida, nema, Undertaker., valeri, fukuhara, startstek, puupia, matejov, dAGGER, MauroVal, akras, Vicz, AliNuri, boliwar1963, saxofon, boobook41, encio, thisbeme, vino, pokival, Edgar J S Junio, saraajogadora, Bonobo, hder, paulodzp, matematician

    22. Novembre 2010, 03:12:50
    Just a question :
    Actually, when we create a poll, it's possible to make it with 1 or else several votes.
    Why not to give the possibility to the creator to choose the number of votes, example : only 3 votes allowed ? It would be more definite. Of course, we would keep the option with several votes.
    What do people think about this ?

    12. Novembre 2010, 22:40:00 
    Sujet: New Polls
    TWO new polls are now up for voting - About what host city do you think will be picked for the 2018 & 2022 FIFA World Cup.

    I believe they will be announced around Dec 2nd, so I have the polls open until December 1st.

    And to have a little more fun, one of them is public - the other Anonymous.

    8. Septembre 2010, 01:53:22 
    Sujet: Re: Team Tournament Opinion Poll ... and for those of you that don't play in site team tournaments, there is an option for you to vote on... which I will predict will be the top voted option. But for the list of games, I will plan to make that the site team tournament that will start on/around Oct 25, 2010.

    ... don't know what I'll do if there is a tie, so hopefully there will not be one.

    8. Septembre 2010, 01:50:26 
    Sujet: Team Tournament Opinion Poll
    Short Poll - Open only 1 week (past poll said people liked short polls)

    What Team Tournament would you like setup to start on October 25, 2010?

    There are 17 games to choose from - games in the top 50 (of active games going) on the site, which has not had a team tournament start within the last year - and does not have a current team tournament running.

    Some interesting notes: [the (###) is the rank of "popular" on active game list]

  • International Checkers (#47) - Only game on list which has NOT had a site team tournament yet.
  • Halma 8x8 (#44) - Hasn't had a TT since December 2004
  • Chinese Chess (#45), PahTum (#29), and Loop Chess (#41) - not since 2005
  • Massacre Chess (#34) is the most recent in the list, having one start July 2009
  • Five in Line (#13), Plakoto (#15), and Froglet (#16) are the 3 most "popular" games in the list - with last TT June 09, May 08, and Nov 08 respectively.

  • 29. Août 2010, 21:54:25 
    Sujet: Do you have a pet?
    For those with polls hidden, there is a new public poll - About what type of pet you have.

    I tried to pick the 25 top options that could get some votes - I know I left out A LOT of animals - and some animals are more "farm" animals and not "pets", but tried my best to get a good variety to choose from.

    9. Août 2010, 19:09:35
    Ah thanks, i really should have a quick scan at the previous posts first!

    9. Août 2010, 12:34:16
    Pedro Martínez 
    Sujet: Re:

    9. Août 2010, 12:26:47
    Who can create the polls?

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