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 Chess variants (8x8)

including Amazon, Anti, Atomic, Berolina, Corner, Crazy Screen, Cylinder, Dark, Extinction, Fischer Random, Fortress, Horde, Knight Relay, Legan, Loop, Maharajah, Screen, Three Checks

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26. май 2019, 12:49:21
Относно: 16th Superchess 8x8 tournament
8 June the 16th Superchess tournament is played
Time 11:30
Place "De Kern", overtoom 15 in Castricum, the netherlands. Castricum is a few kilometres above Amsterdam.
Pieces:  Normal chess pieces, 4 pairs will be replaced by the following pieces 
- the amazone (queen or knight)
- the princess (bishop or knight)
- the Empress (rook or knight)
- the advisor ( bishop or king)
- the veteran ( knight or king)
- the Femme Fatale (prevents enemy pieces from capturing)

We play 6 or 7 rounds with 20-25 minutes pp.
Costs 4 euro
Defending Champion: Jop Delemarre 
At least 4 brainking players Will participate.
Prizes: cash or superchess sets ( for the non winners).
If you want to play contact tangram.

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