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Ask questions or just talk about different languages. Since BrainKing is an international game site supporting many languages, this board can be kind of useful.

Since we will be dealing with pronunciation of words rather than their spelling, I think it's useful to have a link to The sounds of English and the International Phonetic Alphabet.

To see translations of some frequently used phrases and sentences in other languages see Languages

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6. септември 2019, 20:01:04
Относно: Re: English
ughaibu: it is a symbol of the toxic masculinity and male dominance oppressing women.

26. май 2019, 01:25:10
Относно: Re: Czech to English please.
ughaibu: May God bless you.

12. декември 2017, 17:20:17
Относно: Re: A question
King Reza: IMHO, in the examples both phrases referred to the plot. However, in a different context "takes place" could also mean "filmset". Suggesting that a motion picture was produced during ancient Greece is historically incorrect and technically unattainable.

12. декември 2017, 17:07:29
Относно: Re: Halma on Russian
Stepanov Oleg: Олег, с Русском переводят: Yuri, Crasto, ergart, Helena. Никто другой не может изменить текст. Удачи.

28. май 2009, 03:18:19
Относно: Re: Allium Cepa...ЫЫЫЫЫ))
PaoloRus: Great post, very precise. Thank you.

27. май 2009, 16:39:42
Относно: Re: mode:everyone can post
Bwild: LOL! You ask him to "listen up"?! The moderator who believes a discussion board is not a place where people should be nice to each other? You are talking to a person who wants to change the meaning of the word "discussion" (an exchange of views on some topic) with his version of a one-way guide.
Truth --> http://www.quotationspage.com/quote/927.html

27. май 2009, 04:29:21
Относно: Re:
Променен от AlliumCepa (27. май 2009, 16:28:14)
Pedro Martínez: Dude, you are continuing to behave badly. The man himself thanked me. And I am not sure about SOME of the words - those that are in brackets. The rest are fine.
FYI, the words in ANY known dictionary are listed from their closest meaning to those that are far from the original. And yes, I do know what I talk about.
Shame on you - you are supposed to be a moderator here and take absolutely different course of talks.
PS: Talking about useless posts - read yours.

Over and Out.

27. май 2009, 00:50:14
Относно: Re:
Bwild: Since Bulgarian and Russian are very close languages, I can give you what my dictionary gives for "spectacular" and then will translate every item.


I. 1. грамаден, грандиозен, импозантен, ефектен, пищен
2. драматичен, вълнуващ, поразителен
In Russian:
I. 1. грамадный, грандиозный, (not sure the Russian word), эффектный, (not sure)
2. драматичний, волнующий, поразительний
Gouwe gozer: If you miss some letters on your keyboard, you can use the built-in Character map (Start MenuProgramsAccessoriesSystem Tools) = Run "charmap.exe"
if you are using Firefox, there is a neat extension called abcTajpu.
Pedro Martínez: Please don't be rude. People are trying to help each other. Nobody is perfect.

26. март 2009, 02:22:18
Относно: Re: New moderator
Walter Montego: Congratulations, Mr. Martínez

31. януари 2009, 04:16:16
Относно: Re:
Rose: According to Google Translate, it means: "I 'm sorry for those calls, I tried the first time"

24. април 2008, 08:53:25
Относно: Re: anyone know russian?

7. февруари 2008, 20:16:12
Относно: Re: Translations
P-G: I can't really tell that some site is better than other. They all have their weak and strong sides - it depends on what you are using it for.

7. февруари 2008, 18:59:40
Относно: Re: Translations

23. ноември 2007, 15:01:39
Относно: Re:
aaru: No problem

23. ноември 2007, 14:08:59
Относно: Re:
Променен от AlliumCepa (23. ноември 2007, 15:02:16)
aaru: If you take a look at Chess' rules page, "Střelec" = "Bishop". Looks like there is a typo in the original text.
You can see it here.

23. ноември 2007, 13:46:56
Относно: Re: Translate pls
aaru: This is what I found:
"sake winner monthly membership Brain slřelec"

according to this site:

25. юли 2007, 18:49:22
Относно: Re:
redsales: It is not written in Bulgarian. Sorry, can't help.

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