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Go Fellowship
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A fellowship for all those interested in playing go (囲碁, IGO, weiqi, baduk), learning about Go, improving their game, sharing ideas, strategies and techniques.

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Don't forget to check out the tournaments, stairs, ponds and the collective game!

- - - - -

Join in the tournaments, games, stairs, collective game & forums. If you have any questions or requests, please post in the main forum (Go Fellowship - same name as the forum). If you're new and you're not listed here, post in the main forum and introduce yourself.

- - - - -
Words of wisdom to beginners: "Lose your first 100 games quickly."

Useful GO resources:
* Sensei's library - an invaluable reference for GO information. Very comprehensive.
* Go Teaching ladder - a useful site to get your games reviewed by stronger players.
* Dragon Go Server - a free, unrestricted turn-based GO server dedicated to GO. It has a large user base, a lot of features for games, ranks, etc, but no tournaments or stairs like on BK.
* Kiseido Go Server - a free, unrestricted real-time GO server dedicated to GO.

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