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Link to game board: Collective game board; 13x13; Fellowship as black vs Tenuki as white

- a strong player plays as white, and the rest of the participating players of the fellowship play black
- we vote on moves to play, and the move with the most number of votes gets played
- any member of the fellowship may vote at any point in the game, and all votes have equal weight
- when a tie occurs the game coordinator will assign a player to break the tie, picking a new player each time
- after white makes a move, the voting will begin again
- voting will continue until the game coordinator closes the votes, which will usually be based on one of the following conditions:
1) the game coordinator decides that enough time has passed to allow everyone to vote (at this point, a given amount of time has no been fixed), OR
2) all the people signed up as playing for the black stones (see list below) have voted already, OR
3) the number of votes for a given move is greater than the number of people on the list who have not yet voted
White stones: Tenuki
Black stones:
- krinid
- hexkid

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