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Upon two lovers a wicked spell was cast
To keep them apart till ages had passed
She became a hawk by day
A fearful bird of prey

Her lover the Captain Navarre by name
A mighty grey wolf he became
To roam the forest at dead of night
To guard the lady was his plight

Never to be together as was their right
Till moon covered sun and day was night
So strong was the curse in hope that they failed
But love, honour and courage prevailed

While the wolf slept all through the day
In a cave safe hidden away
The lady returned for the day at least
Guarded by a thief and a lowly old priest

Come the dark of night, such pain
They were together once again
But she as a hawk and he became man
If only they could form a plan ………

Break the spell that keeps them apart
Leaves both with a broken heart
Then the priest foretold of the day, soon
The night would black out the sky at noon

The nasty Bishop of Aquila sent out
A party of assassins off to scout
To seek out and slay the pair
Lest they come back and dare…..

To kill that Black Magic practising fiend
Send his carcass blowing in the wind!
Back they came just before noon
He, riding his horse, and none too soon

He slew the master of the black art
As the moon covered the sun, came the dark
The lady cast her feathers off and then
They stood as two lovers, together again

This fantasy of a romance is alive today
Though in a modern sort of way
My love is miles apart from me
Cut off by a vast raging sea

One day our night and day will clash
And when that time will come to pass
We will stand together too
Our courage and love will see us through
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