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Fencer  Upcoming changes of BrainKing's system of orders 15. май 2009, 09:01:34
Променен от Fencer (15. май 2009, 09:27:48)
Due to PayPal's ridiculous policy "you are guilty until proven innocent", I have decided not to fight with these ignorants and their automated email responses any longer. As of 1st June 2009, BrainKing will stop accepting PayPal payments, so if you want to make a membership order with your PayPal account, you still have more than 2 weeks to do it. It is a good time anyway, according to the bonus code action.

Shortly said, nothing important should be changed - there are still other payment options, like AlertPay, MoneyBookers or a wire transfer, and all of them work fine, so everybody can continue to order higher membership levels, Brains or tournament prizes, just like before.

I will write more details about this issue tomorrow (BrainKing.info blog).

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