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14. март 2018, 19:06:14
Относно: Decline of Pente at Brainking
This message board is definitely seen better days. Sure I'll mention the obligatory yearly Brfs 12th Annual St. Pat's Pente Tourney

Though for the most part, I doubt anyone will come here and check it. I've ran the Serious Pente Players Fellowship for 12 years with ever declining participation. I think this is partly due to fencer's implementation of higher than pawn membership levels to really access it, and also because of unsurity of brainkings support and future. I mean who wants to pay for membership when the disclaimers on the membership page clearly spell out your risks for doing so?

I also think Pente.org has taken over as the premier place to really play Pente online. Rightly so, rainwolf has put a lot of time and effort and really vamped the site. Options for how you can pl
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