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Team Tournaments

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18. май 2019, 09:28:37
Относно: new tournament
looking for players  Beach fun

16. май 2019, 22:14:24

2. май 2019, 05:18:17
Относно: New Tournament

1. май 2019, 09:06:46
Относно: turnaj kveten 2019 clovece

11. април 2019, 00:42:45
Jonathan's Legacy

Ludo- Varazslo

1. април 2019, 09:17:53
Относно: turnaj duben april 2019 clovece

31. март 2019, 13:57:59
Jonathan's Legacy
Dice Chess 10x10 winner- Varazslo

27. март 2019, 23:49:56
Jonathan's Legacy winners:
grillyx-Dice Chess

24. март 2019, 09:50:22
Относно: new tournament

23. март 2019, 17:58:53
Hi Everyone,

    New Fun & Games tournament

Thanks to all who signed up for #12, that was my best one yet for people signing up! 


12. март 2019, 18:27:55
Well, we STILL need just ONE more Team in each of these next few Team Tournaments
PLEASE take a look Big Boses & Captains, and try to get some Teams together
Each Team only needs 4 players, we should be able to do this between us all.....

Oct 2018 Crowns of Checkers X - Checkers

Mar 2019 One-Two-Three-Four-Five-In-Line #10 - Five in Line

Apr 2019 April Fools Day Connect6 #9 - Connect6

12. март 2019, 14:58:34
Променен от Carnie (12. март 2019, 19:20:46)
Jonathan's Legacy

Winner-Varazslo, Hyper Backgammon

12. март 2019, 09:22:59
The Col 
Относно: All Welcome

5. март 2019, 13:59:31
Относно: Re:
I agree, there should be a limit as to how many games one member can post so others have a chance too

5. март 2019, 00:13:25
New Tournament to sign up for

I have decided to post it here because 2 days after I posted it, it was only visible on the second page because so many other tournaments were posted. 

I think it was mentioned once here before but, the tournaments page is being cluttered with so many tournaments it is difficult to find ones and navigate. I am not sure what the solution is but it is getting a little ridiculous. This is just my opinion and I mean no offense to anyone. I just want to see my games start 

2. март 2019, 23:55:44

1. март 2019, 09:12:48
Относно: turnaj Brezen 2019 clovece

27. февруари 2019, 03:50:51
Относно: New Tournament

18. февруари 2019, 07:40:50
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: come on big bosses and small one too ! 1 more team :)
Oct 2018 Crowns of Checkers X

get the team and sign pleaseeee :)

6. февруари 2019, 00:29:59
Относно: new tournament
Please sign up  Beach's games

5. февруари 2019, 12:04:57
A lot of the team tourneys only need 1 or 2 more teams to start, sign up to your teams, and let's get them rolling. :)

1. февруари 2019, 15:26:52
Относно: turnaj unor 2019 clovece

24. януари 2019, 05:06:31
Относно: New Backgammon Tourney

8. януари 2019, 18:00:20
Относно: turnaj leden 2019 clovece

6. януари 2019, 16:41:57
Относно: Site team tournaments
We need 2 more teams to join the Connect 6 site team tournament.  I have noticed that there are several teams in fellowships that only need 1 more player in order to enter.  Please check out the Team Tournaments and if you are able, join one of the teams in a fellowship that needs your help 

4. януари 2019, 18:23:09
coan.net: I have the same problem as I did a year ago. I only have 4 players on 90% of my teams. So with 4 players I can sign near any team up. gammons and dice may have a better turnout however but the player pool is down to the lowest then its been for a decade

27. декември 2018, 06:09:15
Clandestine 1 
coan.net: 4 players per team will get things moving. 

24. декември 2018, 06:03:49
I would like to see the idiots that start dozens of tournaments pull their horns in, or someone to do something about that.

23. декември 2018, 18:47:51
SITE TEAM TOURNAMENTS - There are some out there that have not gotten enough teams - what is everyones thoughts - Just delete them?

I'll be back on-line soon, and I'll either delete or change the start date on them - and I'll create a new batch of site team tournaments - for at least the most popular games (so please share any suggestions for what you would like to see!)

7. декември 2018, 02:14:37
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: 1 more player :)

4. декември 2018, 13:20:43
Относно: new tournament
Please sign up  Winter Games

24. ноември 2018, 11:37:27
Относно: Congratulations Razboinika

24. ноември 2018, 05:43:15
Clandestine 1 
Относно: Backgammon
1 year brainrook membership 

22. ноември 2018, 16:14:26
Относно: To ALL Fellowships....... please help out if you can.....
We now have FIVE Team Tournaments that are late starting due to insufficient teams
Very surprising considering Checkers, Five in Line & Battleboats Plus are among some of the more played games here on BrainKing
Please take a look and see if you can help out in anyway, there are plenty of Fellowships that could hopefully raise a team or two with a bit of help

Sep 2018 Dice Poker 6D VIII (3)

Sep 2018 Scrambled Eggs IV (3)

Oct 2018 Crowns of Checkers X (2)

Oct 2018 One-Two-Three-Four-Five-In-Line #10 (1)

Nov 2018You sunk my BattleboatsPlus XIV (3)

9. ноември 2018, 15:46:34
Относно: Re: happy birthday
Good Luck :)FLR:
I belatedly agree

9. ноември 2018, 06:01:51
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: happy birthday
happy birthday Fencer :)

6. ноември 2018, 17:00:00
Относно: Few tourneys

4. ноември 2018, 20:13:56
DeaD man WalkiN 
Относно: its been real
We are down to my last 3 tournaments, :o( It's been great fun setting them up for the past 15 years...

2. ноември 2018, 19:57:00
Относно: Tournament page
Please stop spamming the tournament page. There are too many tournaments long overdue with not many players assigned.
Please only post tournaments that people want to play.

31. октомври 2018, 01:42:41
Universal Eyes 

27. октомври 2018, 10:12:32
<b><a href="Tournaments?trg=52877">HAPPY HALLOWEEN </a></b>

§ʈrawɓєrriєs -Ƞ- Crєaɱ Halloween Tourny

17. октомври 2018, 07:56:20
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: 1 more team
Sep 2018 Dice Poker 6D VIII

Also in this one too
Come on Big and Small Bosses :)

17. октомври 2018, 07:55:23
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: 1 more team
Sep 2018 Scrambled Eggs IV

Come on Big and Small Bosses :) One more team :)

15. октомври 2018, 02:24:26
Clandestine 1 
Относно: Team tournaments
Just a suggestion here, but I’m thinking all team tournaments should be made with the parameters of 4 persons per team. As it stands now, we’re having a hard time finding 5 players per team. So until things pick up (if they pick up), I would suggest keeping the limit set to 4 people per team. 

13. октомври 2018, 01:49:33

13. октомври 2018, 01:20:39
Universal Eyes 
Относно: Halloween Tournament
Променен от Universal Eyes (13. октомври 2018, 01:20:59)

12. октомври 2018, 05:13:36
Относно: New Backgammon Tournament

10. октомври 2018, 00:21:26
Относно: Re:
rabbitoid: ok lol

9. октомври 2018, 20:15:44
Относно: Re:
Good Luck :)FLR: You are the one of the few exceptions I know of. You have close to 2000 games but you manage to play them at a good speed. I don't know how you do it but you manage. Impressive!

9. октомври 2018, 20:11:05
Good Luck :)FLR 
Относно: Re:
rabbitoid: Only paying members with Brain Rook or higher membership level can create any number of tournaments with various parameters to set - one or more game types (including a random game selection), time control, accessibility (public or private), tournament type (round robin, single elimination, ...), optional prize for the winner, etc.

Not sure where is the limit .... ;)

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