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    22. юни 2020, 22:48:56
    Относно: Re:
    Променен от long (22. юни 2020, 22:50:22)
    mal4inara: you can always go to smaller table. They have 250, 500, 1000, and 5000 buy-in tables.

    Edit: I just looked and you actually have more chip than me :-)

    20. юни 2020, 21:49:57
    Относно: Re:
    Променен от mal4inara (20. юни 2020, 21:51:41)
    Bobes: yes I would be but I don't have a lot of chips left. That time is 8am for me, so should be able to play.

    Edit, just had a look and it let me get more chips, another 500, didn't know you could do that.

    20. юни 2020, 11:32:01
    Is there anyone playing poker? I want to get some Poker achievements but I see that I have no chance now :(

    What about few Tuesdays/Thursdays 20:00 UTC? Anyone interested?

    4. август 2018, 09:54:44
    I keep looking out for people on tables but haven’t seen one yet, let’s get those chips moving :)

    28. януари 2018, 01:10:30
    Относно: Re: 2018 needs to get people playing
    long: I didn t mean you sir. But either I see the same player or no one when I check.i think a lot of players aren't keen to play heads up . Especially with only the same player there. I think that's why no one comes . You are right about wanting to play & socialize too,but it just isn't happening.

    26. януари 2018, 04:54:32
    Относно: Re: 2018 needs to get people playing
    mook53lhd: Wow ... I thought this is just another way to have fun with your mind and interact with other.
    Just curious, what do you mean by 'monopolizing' the table?

    23. януари 2018, 20:21:33
    Относно: Re: 2018 needs to get people playing
    long: Mr long or mz
    long; you are so right . We used to have a pretty good crew. Sometimes you had to wait for a seat. But 1 guy started monopolizing the table .the other players of that time began losing interest,until it is what you see now ,no action,no games of any note. I wish you luck . If you don't mind playing heads up with the same guy ---you'll be ok mook53lhd

    14. януари 2018, 19:47:16
    Относно: 2018 needs to get people playing
    in the mood for a game or two :)

    3. януари 2017, 05:59:34
    Относно: Re: 2017 needs to get ppl playing poker
    BadBoy7: it's 11:59 pm best now :)

    3. януари 2017, 02:14:34
    Относно: 2017 needs to get ppl playing poker
    at 8pm or after est

    9. март 2016, 01:30:57
    Относно: Re: players the not play any more poker.
    mook53lhd: will do ... hopefully we will cross path some day:)

    8. март 2016, 00:04:31
    Относно: Re: players the not play any more poker.
    long: hi Long; you know a lot of it may be the time zones.we used to fill up the seats.i look every so often & see nothing.i`ll keep checking Mook

    6. март 2016, 08:30:18
    Относно: Re: players the not play any more poker.
    ustica tnp: not sure anyone still play!

    23. януари 2016, 09:09:58
    Относно: I am waiting .1.
    Fencer, let play some !

    16. януари 2016, 19:39:15
    Относно: no post and no player!
    over a year!

    19. септември 2014, 21:09:53
    ustica tnp 
    Относно: players the not play any more poker.
    suggest.. players the not play any more. give as the chips do players the still play. o'well this game die here...

    25. август 2014, 04:05:01
    ustica tnp 
    any players No Limit Fast Highest Bets 10 Seats

    24. март 2014, 02:42:58
    my bad..
    lol totally forgot.
    kinda long out there, and you need current players imo
    sunday afternoons my time are best for me..

    21. март 2014, 20:07:14
    That play money tournament was not a great success either. Four players signed up but i was the only one there when it started.

    I like to win but this is not the way i want to do it :)

    17. март 2014, 15:10:01
    Относно: Re: Pokerstars

    17. март 2014, 14:03:20
    Относно: Re: Pokerstars
    Bwild: The other one was yesterday (sundaynight at europe). Not much of a success, only two players registered and Fencer sat out the whole tournament. Well at least i won 1 dollar from him :)

    17. март 2014, 11:34:49
    Относно: Re: Pokerstars
    Fencer: I only saw 1 tournament

    15. март 2014, 19:11:26
    Относно: Re: Pokerstars
    Fencer: Nice, i have signed up for this one dollar event tomorrow.

    15. март 2014, 16:10:40
    Относно: Re: Pokerstars
    puupia: I am really sorry for that. Due to some unexpected events I had no time for anything and I admin that I was just passively waiting for the club to fill itself. Hopefully this will be changed in the near future.

    I have just created 2 tournaments there ($1.10 and play money), so let's see what happens.

    15. март 2014, 13:07:40
    Относно: Pokerstars
    Will there be any activity on Brainking club at Pokerstars? I've been a member there for about a month and absolutely nothing has happened. Would be great to play some tournaments against BK players.

    30. януари 2014, 17:41:48
    Относно: Re:
    ustica tnp: thats not the reason for the top 10 being the way it is . i started yrs ago & only started with 1500 . now they start them off much higher & the winning streaks i see these newbies have is incredulous. . but most all drop like a stone. others a few are able to stay 1900+ . look ustica a machine is calling the turn. you see when you're going good you win on kickers ,river , etc. when things are going bad ,you have a k spades & 1 player has the nut ace . i don't know if each day some chairs give out better hands than others. i'm sure you've had sessions where you didn't see a pic card for an hr . i understand your beef . but i doubt things will change . most games i see now are heads up affairs. you get 4 players or more much less than in the golden age (: .most days theres no game to play . if you look back in forum you'll see i've made comments some time back which availed naught g/l when we meet again mook

    30. януари 2014, 13:42:42
    Относно: Fencer re:poker stars
    ready to get some tournys going on

    23. октомври 2013, 17:27:38
    Относно: Re:
    Or mayby max buy in 100.000

    22. октомври 2013, 20:54:10
    ustica tnp 
    this game is die we need 10.000 table.. to change the top 10...

    4. май 2012, 06:26:34

    22. април 2012, 02:05:43

    1. февруари 2012, 01:49:27

    18. януари 2012, 04:15:04

    9. януари 2012, 23:14:53
    Относно: Re:
    Aganju: Why are you afraid to say great above? Been there, done that

    24. декември 2011, 00:52:09
    Относно: Re: empty tables
    Universal Eyes: getting back to pierre. i wouldn't mind say you're playing for a while .nature calls etc .i say you should be able to save the seat for 5 or 10 min. thats about all i come up with

    24. декември 2011, 00:29:52
    Universal Eyes 
    Относно: Re: empty tables
    mook53lhd:The best option in my opinion would be to have a clear view on the main board of any participation going on in the poker room.

    Merry Christmas to all.

    23. декември 2011, 22:48:50
    Относно: Re: empty tables
    PierrequiRoule: you make some points .but seeing your opponents cards is a no no . if you've played for cash you know you have to pay to see. the games okay as is except i never see cards come out at real games like these do. but you're here long enough to know the tendencies. a merry x-mas to you Pierre.it would be ideal to have a reg table going & some on the next higher table .but ppl drift in & out. i don't know the time difference i guess plays a big part . otherwise its as good as its going to be.i've asked for improvements. but it would be time consuming & fencer can't devote the time to it. we all have our pet peeves. i guess the best thing is to grin n bear it mook let me wish all the players who read this stuff "seasons greetings"

    23. декември 2011, 19:14:58
    Относно: empty tables
    I feel the same than Aganju (and I know who he means).

    I suspect that a more confortable play when at table would help to have more interested players.
    - faster bets : a cursor permitting to choose the bet size very quicky
    - less time for players (that have no problems of connection) who might make use of a time button (such a button would allow, for instance, 1 minute of additionnal time each hour).
    - possibilty of hiding/showing our cards when losing a pot
    - possibility to write personal notes on players
    - access to statistics on our past hands.

    All the best for Christmas days
    See you next year

    14. декември 2011, 22:59:53

    20. ноември 2011, 00:03:16
    Whenever I try to play poker, all tables are empty.

    And if not, there is always the same person sitting there, that single player I'd rather not play with again. My very first online poker game ever (on this site and any other) I won against him against the odds, and since then he is blasting me with a stream of complaints about what a bad player I am and what dumb luck I have and such.
    No, I'm not gonna name him. If you played him, you know who I mean.

    Back to the topic: there are seldom enough people there when I check.
    Time zones around the world might be a reason; low interest might be a reason.
    Here are four ideas to make it easier to find someone to play with:
    1. On your main and game pages, there could be an icon (maybe a playing card) that shows if someone is waiting for poker. So while I go through my games and move, I see it and could go play poker.
    2. When you want to play poker, you set a flag, and whenever you are online, it shows your name to all others that set the flag too (similar to 'friends' functionalty - you see right away which friends are online / you see right away who wants to play poker).
    3. Reduce the number of tables. Only one or two are ever used; the rest is just clutter.
    4. Allow the players already on the table to deny access to specific individuums (similar to 'block' function). That would allow to play games without having 'him' show up immediately and drown you in whining.

    17. ноември 2011, 08:58:40
    Относно: Re:
    Bwild: At 4 AM my time not very likely...

    17. ноември 2011, 04:16:01

    10. ноември 2011, 22:44:11
    So, all this bitchin' ...why doesnt anybody play?!

    24. октомври 2011, 01:49:05
    Относно: Re: RE: Fish Behavior. ( As mentioned in Fencer's last post)
    bobwhoosta: hey bob i know you're a maven .not only your chip total .but i either observed or played in a group with ya. yeah bob that would be right on when playing with card players . i had 1 4 i bet 50 pre flop .i got the ace with 2 no help cards 2 guys are in with me . i increase the bet as there are no straights or flush happening. these 2 guys are calling me . river i go all in .both called .one had a 48 the other bubkus .yet they called my every bet & all in . i made over a G . look when 2 pair , 789 3 or four of a suit. its hard to gauge .i had a guy call my turn 300 bet nut 2 pair he had 3 10 of hearts .& was rewarded with flush. players betting out preflop then check or they're out. on these tables you gotta throw away the book. if you bet early all go out they play the hand to river .if they bet then they pulled something . they will call you all the way down the line. good to talk to a card player. were there big games back in the day ha ha i meant the totals amassed astound me. you must have had a good crew big games. or played for 15 yrs (: anyway g/l to you .maybe run into you in a group game. mookster

    23. октомври 2011, 22:30:07
    The addendum to my last post is you may bet correctly and STILL get beaten on ONE hand, TWO hands, even MANY hands. BUT, over time you will begin to notice that you are making more money with these plays than if you had not made them. Playing a hand perfectly and getting all of your money taken is why we have a saying:

    "That's Poker".

    23. октомври 2011, 22:28:38
    Относно: RE: Fish Behavior. ( As mentioned in Fencer's last post)
    As a poker player myself, I have witnessed many river "miracles".

    The problem with statistics is there is ALWAYS a chance that someone will get a card to beat you. If you have the lead at the flop, you must BET like you have the lead. Failing to do so allows for someone to take odds that are favorable to beat you.

    For instance, if someone has four cards to a flush on the flop (two clubs in the hole, two on the board), there is ALMOST a 1 in 4 chance they will make their flush on every card. Therefore if you think you are AHEAD and you have multiple opponents, you must bet MORE than 1/2 of the total pot to DENY them the correct odds (if you bet 1/2 they will have 1 to 3 odds, plus the potential to make more money off of you, easy to call). If you are NOT betting correctly, people will stay in the hand, they will beat you, and you will complain.

    For a more in depth discussion of proper betting in no limit hold em, see Harrrington on Hold Em, a great book for both the tournament and cash game player ( although geared more for tournament hold em).

    22. октомври 2011, 18:17:46
    Относно: Re: poker not for nothing fencer
    rod03801: sorry if a little criticism caused such a stir .i will stay off these boards. i asked you to amplify your theory about the cache got no HELP .ok case closed .. in any event i'll play it as it lies . win lose or break even. nice meeting you mookster /

    22. октомври 2011, 17:12:43
    Относно: Re: poker not for nothing fencer
    mook53lhd: Obviously I am NOT Fencer. This is a public discussion board, which means the PUBLIC can participate.
    No one made light of anything. It was an attempt to help, but with the way you act, I certainly won't be attempting to help you again.

    22. октомври 2011, 14:29:26

    22. октомври 2011, 09:11:46
    Относно: Re: poker not for nothing fencer
    mook53lhd: Your keyboard does not have a Shift key or you never learned that sentences usually start with capital letters?

    Although I don't like people of you type (who try to tell me what I should do and go crazy if I don't) but, what the hell, hopefully you will understand this explanation:

    1) Our poker model had been thoroughly tested many times and nobody every complained about any unusual behaviour. Yes, some people reported that they cannot see they hole cards etc., but that's just a common problem of browser based applications (Javascript). The model itself works correctly, always shuffles the card deck before dealing and the cards are always random. When I mentioned that sometimes in the future I would rewrite the model, I referred to the client side because the current Javascript table had been used mostly as an experiment, not a flawless and full featured engine.

    2) Have you ever tried to play on, say, PokerStars or any other major poker site? The number of fish players that continuously complain about unfair conditions and "that moron always completes his straight" or "there is a miracle river card every second hand" is enormous, yet nobody does anything about it. Why? Because it is just a poor excuse for a bad play or misunderstanding of basic poker nature. Read discussion forums, you might learn something.

    3) If you don't like poker on BrainKing, please go and play elsewhere. Our site is focused mostly on turn based games and if I occasionally experiment with other technologies, it does not mean that I am prepared to spend every free moment on fixing them. It is my site and I have my own priorities.

    And above all, please stop acting like a jerk. Thank you.

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