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 Chess variants (8x8)

including Amazon, Anti, Atomic, Berolina, Corner, Crazy Screen, Cylinder, Dark, Extinction, Fischer Random, Fortress, Horde, Knight Relay, Legan, Loop, Maharajah, Screen, Three Checks

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- Nasmichael is helping to co-ordinate the Fischer Random Chess Email Chess (FRCEC) Club and can set up quad or trio games if you send him a PM here.

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22. април 2016, 22:16:12
Относно: Open dutch championship superchess 14 may 2016
In 2015 chess master Jop Delemarre won the superchess tournament. But 2016 is a different year.
Some smart player from brainking may kick him from his throne!

14 may in Zaandam, the Netherlands  the Open Dutch championship Will be held. You can play too. We play with the same pieces as in 2015.
Contact tangram 

26. юни 2016, 19:37:43
Относно: Re: Open dutch championship superchess 14 may 2016
tangram: new Champion superchess is H.G. Muller with a maximum score. Dutch Champion J.Delemarre became second.

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