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 Movies, TV and Radio

General talk about movies, TV, radio, and other entertainment discussion.

Discussing favorite movies is a great topic but keep in mind some folks haven't seen the movie yet we may be discussing so don't give the endings away!

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3. май 2020, 01:12:43
Относно: American Film Insttute
I bought a membership and encourage others to do also. TYVM

10. септември 2018, 04:47:29
If Florida wins look out.

10. септември 2018, 04:22:21
Or Massachusetts

10. септември 2018, 03:52:53
Относно: Miss America
I'm guessing Miss Nebraska.

7. септември 2018, 00:37:30
Относно: Re:
Carnie: RIP Burt Reynolds

6. септември 2018, 21:08:26
RIP Burt Reynolds

9. август 2018, 01:37:49
Ha ha Brad Pitt. Ha. Ha.

7. август 2018, 00:12:08
Tonight is the Bachelorette finale, today was good day at work, I got a new car and I've been drinking in the back yard! Time for food.

26. април 2018, 20:29:47
Wow two rapists caught within a day of each other; Cosby and The Golden State killer.

13. април 2018, 18:46:12

25. февруари 2018, 23:52:50
Counting down to the Bachelor-Women Tell All, tonight! The finale tomorrow! Arie is boring, but the ladies make the show, but I heard he pulled a bad stunt on someone.

16. февруари 2018, 02:37:53
Jennifer Aniston is single again as is Brad Pitt. We shall see.

28. януари 2018, 01:29:19
Will Ferrill SNL tonight!

27. декември 2017, 02:56:12
About to watch the Kennedy Center Honors because I adore LL Cool J.

22. ноември 2017, 13:27:09
Относно: R,I,P...
David Cassidy ...forever young

29. юни 2017, 15:59:30
I love the new yoplait commercials that deal with mom guilt and criticisms of moms lol

26. февруари 2017, 21:07:29
Относно: R.I.P...
Bill Paxton

22. февруари 2017, 15:49:45
Относно: David Cassidy...
has dementia

29. декември 2016, 03:42:46
One day Carrie Fisher dies and the next her Mom Debbie Reynolds. 2016 was definitely a bad year in terms of celebrity deaths. God Bless the families of all that were lost this year.

7. декември 2016, 19:42:30
When life and the news becomes too much, I find Andy Griffith.

30. август 2016, 17:14:30
Относно: May all your tickets...
be golden. RIP Gene Wilder

27. януари 2016, 12:26:50
Относно: R.I.P...
Abe Vigoda

11. януари 2016, 14:07:22
Относно: R.I.P...

1. януари 2016, 23:28:40
The wife and I went to see Star Wars Episode VII today. Over 2 hours and it was very good. A little disturbing to see Leia, Hans Solo, and Luke Skywalker looking so old. However the movie wasn't about them anyway. A good movie for the whole family to see as there is no sex or bad language in it. The violence in it is tame compared to what is seen on TV and movies today. Created to be like the original 3 movies from the 70s. I recommend seeing it. Anybody else see it and have thoughts?

17. септември 2014, 00:28:13
Относно: Netflix is now...
in France and Germany

13. август 2014, 11:09:00

12. август 2014, 15:27:09
Относно: Re: RIP...
He was so very funny; my favorite movie by him was "Good Morning Vietnam"; perhaps because I knew the real Adrain Cronover in the Air Force. We took basic training together.

12. август 2014, 03:03:34
Относно: Re: RIP...
rod03801: I grew up watching mork and mindy. They were just together again on his new show few months back. He was a nut, but seriously he was an awesome actor. My favorite movie he was in was " Jacob the liar." although he had many. I heard he was going to do a remake of Mrs Doubtfire. Word is he was super depressed.

12. август 2014, 02:55:43
Относно: Re: RIP...
ketchuplover: Very sad. They suggested that it was suicide, I believe.

12. август 2014, 02:05:37
Относно: RIP...
Robin Williams

2. август 2014, 12:01:10
Относно: Guardians...
of the Galaxy.....See it!

22. юли 2014, 17:45:06
Относно: Re: old tv show
tedbarber:just go and google it ...


22. юли 2014, 17:38:23
Относно: old tv show
Does anyone know the name of a 1960s tv series starring Kathleen Nolan where she played a Navy Wave stationed in the South Pacific in World War II? It was similiar to the series McHale's Navy.

11. юни 2014, 03:11:58
The Col 
Относно: Re: Her (movie) 10/10
ketchuplover: I agree, I was worried it was going to be a typical "chick flick" but it surprised me for the better.

11. юни 2014, 03:08:51
The Col 
Относно: saw Edge of Tomorrow, today
Really good flick, kinda like Armageddon meets Groundhog Day

10. юни 2014, 21:46:26
Относно: Re: Her (movie)
Променен от rod03801 (10. юни 2014, 21:46:42)
ketchuplover: I thought it was too... well.. "icky" to give it a 10. A 7 maybe.

10. юни 2014, 21:26:03
Относно: Her (movie)

25. май 2014, 12:05:38
Относно: X-Men:Days of Future Past.......

2. февруари 2014, 22:16:44
Относно: RIP...
Phillip Seymour Hoffman

29. септември 2013, 01:38:40
Относно: Filming for Pawn Sacrifices...
begins next month

12. юли 2013, 20:30:58
The Col 
Относно: Re: Pacific Rim
Променен от The Col (12. юли 2013, 20:32:18)
ketchuplover: I went to a sneak preview of Pacific Rim( for crew and studio staff) the night Gandolfini died.
It was great eye candy, but the story and character development was terrible IMO

12. юли 2013, 15:14:55
Относно: Pacific Rim...
infinity/10 Oh and I think this topic needs a new moderator.

23. февруари 2013, 03:16:41
Относно: Re: Walking Dead
rod03801: I'm an addict. I fact a group of us often go to each others house on Sundays to watch it

19. януари 2013, 11:41:38
Относно: adios...
Fringe. thanks for the memories

14. декември 2012, 11:01:47
Относно: The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey
Not too bad

22. октомври 2012, 11:21:48
Относно: Paranormal...
Activity 4 8.25/10 imo

22. октомври 2012, 03:29:52
Относно: Walking Dead
Any other Walking Dead fans out there? BEST show on TV! I'm a total addict. I watch each episode at least 3 times.

15. октомври 2012, 17:17:00
Относно: Argo...
bleep yourselves

1. октомври 2012, 19:06:41
Относно: Looper
I just saw this movie...how confusing it was

25. септември 2012, 17:19:45
Относно: I bought the Avengers dvd...
+ 11oz potato chips + 6pk. microwave popcorn + 2 litres soda for $16.99 + tax

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