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9. март 2009, 22:36:47
Относно: Brf's 3rd Annual St Patricks Day Pente Tourney 2009!
St Patty's 2009!


Keeping with tradition I've got another St Patricks Day Tournament out there but I'm changing things up a bit this time.

Only 64 people will be allowed into this years tournament since it's Single Elimination with a '2 wins to advance' match format. The Single Elimination is an experiment to make things more head to head and skill centric, hopefully taking away the random advantage a player can sometimes get over another in a section. (for example: where a player times out in just one game and gives an advantage to one of two other equal players.)

I'm keeping the same time limits as last years (2 days per move with vacation allowed) since that seemed to work rather well. Cash prizes are kind of a pain for Fencer to deal with so I've decided to set the prize as one year Brain Rook (approximately 50$ US value).

So you have to ask yourself, do you feel you have the pente luck of the Irish? well sign up and see how far you can make it through the grid! On St. Patricks Day (March 17, 2009) the tourney begins! Good luck to all players, I look forward to playing you across the board!


St Patty's 2008 WINNERS: Richard III, Nosovs
St Patty's 2007 WINNER: Brf!

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