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Team Tournaments

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26. март 2020, 13:38:19
Относно: Tourny time.....
OK Everyone, well I guess quite a few of us are stuck at home for the foreseeable future

So I thought I would set some Tournaments up to try to pass the time

Hopefully something for everyone, so feel free to join in

The first 3 are all, 3 day, standard vacation, and start on the 30th March...

Elimination (3 day)

Triple Gammon (3 day)

2 game for each 2 players (3 day)

Next we have a couple of 1 day, 12 hours (NO DAYS OFF), start 30th March...

Elimination (1 day 12, NO DAYS OFF)

2 game for each 2 players (1 day 12 NO DAYS OFF)

I will see how these get on, and go from there...

If anyone wants anything different set up, please give me a shout (or just set it up lol)

Happy Gaming Everyone, and STAY SAFE

p.s. PLEASE feel free to share in Fellowships, in case people don't look here

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