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    21. октомври 2011, 20:11:42
    Относно: Re: poker not for nothing fencer
    rod03801: never heard of that the card was there . i'm using pc's close to ten yrs. i'm no techie ,but lets not run interference.his concern should have been to look into it .those answers i expect from msn etc. so how would i check the cache .my settings are to close everything when i leave a site .the folders files etc. i don't think i've built up a cache . but i'd be glad to check the remote possibility if someone tells me how. i know 10 yrs i should know about caches. yes but i've never had to empty a cache on any sites & never saw 8 of hearts that weren't there . i do have an eyewitness . i'm not petty . the game needs an overhaul . there`s no doubt about that . the cards spit out on that board ........maybe the fence watched to many maverick programs. now if you saw the Cinn. kid (steve Mcqueen) that pull by edward G is plausible .these outcomes are not. for fun its ok. fencer should have never said i know i made a bad 1st attempt & i now know how to make a crackerjack poker game capish mookster

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