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3. февруари 2003, 02:34:09
Относно: Refusal Chess
Just another idea of a new game that could be included on this site.
This is just like standard chess, apart from the fact that each time a player makes a move the opponent can accept it, or refuse it. If they refuse the move, then it is taken back and an alternative move is made instead which has to be accepted.
One refusal allowed for each move, any number of moves in the game.

13. декември 2002, 19:14:41
Относно: Chess Rules (50 move rule)
Are you aware there are certain circumstances in which 75 moves are allowed, rather than 50?
Sometimes it takes 72 moves to checkmate with optimal play without a pawn move or capture!!!!

30. ноември 2002, 00:39:45
Относно: Re: CAncelling membership
Yes, but I still get bombarded with emails!

29. ноември 2002, 23:24:33
Относно: CAncelling membership
How do I cancel membership from this site?

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