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BrainKing, en av de mest populära och ofta besökta spelsidorna, erbjuder ett unikt och billigt reklamalternativ, med över 80,000 unika besökare varje månad. Partners kan välja mellan den sedvanliga listan av standardiserade reklammöjligheter eller förhandla en specifik reklamkampanj för att passa sina behov så mycket som möjligt.

BrainKing game site generates more than 30 million page views a month and provides hundreds of different web pages to place an advertisement to. Please note that the following price list is valid for the English version of BrainKing (which is the most frequently visited one) - if you are interested in advertising on another language version of BrainKing, you get a 30% discount of the total price.

Text link advertisement is one of the most popular types of advertising, regarding its low price and various options of placing it to the selected page. It is usually used by advertisers who want to make their site better indexed by Google and other search engines, but it is also capable of getting a visitor's attention if it is included in an article, highlighted by a border or background color, etc.

TidsperiodPrisintervall (från - till)
1 månad100 - 300 EUR (Order)
6 månader500 - 1200 EUR (Order)
1 år900 - 2200 EUR (Order)
Bildbanner (468x60)
Image banner, either static or animated, is a great opportunity to address a site visitor by something more visual than a plain text. Particularly, it is very useful and effective when a new brand or a limited time offer should be presented to potential customers. BrainKing offers your an option to submit more different image banners (promoting the same site or product) and make them rotated at the same banner position, all of this for a price of just one banner - the more different images are shown to visitors, the better is the chance to turn them to your customers.

TidsperiodPrisintervall (från - till)
1 månad200 - 600 EUR (Order)
6 månader1000 - 2400 EUR (Order)
1 år1800 - 4400 EUR (Order)
Bildbanner (150x150)
A square image banner (150x150 or smaller) is a cheaper variant of the classic 468x60 advertisement. Its main advantage is that it can be easily inserted into the left or right "tower" of BrainKing page layout and since these columns contain important links and information for every BrainKing user, it is a very good opportunity to address them while they browse various BrainKing pages.

TidsperiodPrisintervall (från - till)
1 månad150 - 450 EUR (Order)
6 månader750 - 1800 EUR (Order)
1 år1350 - 3300 EUR (Order)
If you are interested in the best possible promotion based on your own keywords, then a hosted page is the right advertising option for you. You can provide a full article of any length, containing images, clickable links, sign-up forms etc. and this article will be inserted into BrainKing layout as a new standalone page, linked from the BrainKing home page. The big advantage of this approach is that search engines will be able to find this page very quickly after it is released, and index it by keywords used in your text - it is a very effective method of exposing your site or services.

TidsperiodPrisintervall (från - till)
1 månad100 - 200 EUR (Order)
6 månader500 - 1000 EUR (Order)
1 år900 - 2000 EUR (Order)

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