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Noutãţi server (29. Martie 2018, 11:27:18) Fencer
Hi everyone!
Since the GDPR regulation is going to be enforced in less than 2 months, I would like to announce several changes that will appear at BrainKing within this time period. Some of them probably won't be noticed at all but still, it's better to have a TODO list:

  1. Privacy Policy: Our Privacy Policy page already covers all important details of the only private data we must keep - your email address that was required to register your BrainKing account. We will probably add a short GDPR-compliant notice that would include other things introduced in this change (see below).

  2. https: Since the http protocol is not secure and also not recommended to use any longer, BrainKing will be fully switched to https with all previously saved links automatically redirected to the secure version. In fact, the site has been working for some time (although images are still taken from http, which is why browsers mark it as "not fully secure"), so anybody can already use it.

  3. Account deletion: BrainKing never supported a real account deletion (due to database restrictions, etc.), so it will be added as a new feature. Deleted users will be displayed in games, discussion boards etc. as "[deleted player]" or a similar placeholder.

If you never heard of GDPR, please refer to this page.
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