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This page contains a list of all defined tournaments. You can either browse running tournaments or join a new tournament waiting for players.

Top entry fee prize tournaments
NameGame typeFirst prize status (Brains)Entry fee (in Brains)Signed players
Backgammon - Winner takes allBackgammon50252
Master Tournament for EasterNackgammon30202
Brained Backgammon1855
Brained Plakoto1855
Brained Reversi 6x61153
Brained Reversi 8x81153
Brained Halma 8x81153
Brained Dice Poker1153
Brained Frog Finder1153
Brained Fevga1153
Brained Anti Backgammon752
Brained Battleboats Plus752
Brained Dark Battleboats752
Brained Froglet752
Brained Swap Five in Line752
Brained Capablanca Random Chess752
Brained Connect6752
Brained Lines of Action752
Brained Triple Dice Poker752
Brained Frog Legs752
Brained Dice Poker 6D752
Brained Canadian Checkers752
Brained Dice Chess 10x10752
Brained Nackgammon752
Brained Crowded Backgammon752
Brained Hyper Backgammon752
Brained Ludo752
Brained Dice Poker752
Brained Chess351
Brained Corner Chess351
Brained Fortress Chess351
Brained Horde Chess351
Brained Five in Line351
Brained Loop Chess351
Brained Checkers351
Brained Anti Checkers351
Brained Reversi 10x10351
Brained Anti Reversi351
Brained Line4351
Brained Anti Line4351
Brained Linetris351
Brained Spider Line4351
Brained Anti Chess351
Brained Extinction Chess351
Brained Tablut351
Brained Tank Battle351
Brained Maharajah Chess351
Brained Three Checks Chess351
Brained Dark Chess351
Brained Atomic Chess351
Brained Czech Checkers351
Brained Corner Checkers351
Brained One Way Checkers351
Brained Parachute Checkers351
Brained Gothic Checkers351
Brained Turkish Checkers351
Brained Pente351
Brained Keryo Pente351
Brained Janus Chess351
Brained Embassy Chess351
Brained Small Pente351
Brained Small Keryo Pente351
Brained Open Pente351
Brained Open Keryo Pente351
Brained Battleboats351
Brained Screen Chess351
Brained Amazons351
Brained Jarmo351
Brained Alquerque351
Brained Espionage351
Brained Jungle351
Brained Cylinder Chess351
Brained Amazon Chess351
Brained Berolina Chess351
Brained Anti Froglet351
Brained Spider Linetris351
Brained Small Espionage351
Brained Fast Espionage351
Brained Pro Five in Line351
Brained Fischer Random Chess351
Brained Chinese Chess351
Brained Japanese Chess351
Brained Legan Chess351
Brained Knight Relay Chess351
Brained PahTum351
Brained Hasami Shogi351
Brained Grand Chess351
Brained Los Alamos Chess351
Brained Sphere Froglet351
Brained Ludo351
Brained Go351
Brained Go 9x9351
Brained Go 13x13351
Brained Breakthrough351
Brained Ambiguous Chess351
Brained Scrambled Eggs351
Brained Open Fast Espionage351
Brained Small Fast Espionage351
Brained Assimilation351
Brained Ataxx351
Brained Minishogi351
Brained Cheversi351
Brained Hawaiian Checkers351
Brained Dice Chess351
Brained Recycle Chess351
Brained Ice Age Chess351
Brained Mancala351
Brained Behemoth Chess351
Brained Big Jungle351
Brained Knight Fight351
Brained Parachute Lines of Action351
Brained Cheshire Cat Chess351
Brained Cheshire Cat Lines of Action351
Brained International Checkers351
Brained Knightmate Chess351
Brained Russian Checkers351
Brained Thai Checkers351
Brained Brazilian Checkers351
Brained Portuguese Checkers351
Brained Italian Checkers351
Brained Dameo351
Brained Camelot351
Brained Racing Kings351
Brained Cam351
Brained Massacre Chess351
Brained Crazy Screen Chess351
Brained Cloning Backgammon351
Brained Grasshopper351
Brained Logik351
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