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Welcome to ladybirid68
Welcome to ladybirid68
Championship continent 2012 - America
Crowded 2000+
Sit Vis Vobiscum Welcome September 2010!
Charity's place Triple Gammon
The Addams family (15. April 2009, 08:51:33)
2nd Online Crowded Backgammon World Championships.
New year Random game
The Addams family (16. October 2008, 11:06:05)
Eight Weeks to Christmas!
Vendolasův turnájek no. 12
Backgammon for the best of the best.
Triple Gammon Crowded Invitational
Chess tournament (level = 1200 to 1800)
Flame Pit (Triple Gammon BG & HBG)
Triple Fun Gammons
My wedding is today :-))
Cloning Backgammon Tryouts
Rex is back Crowded Tournement (1900+)
Double the Cube
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