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Pond week - Sunday
Pond week - Saturday
Kiwiyeti Birthday Bash 2013
Morse May Pond
Quick and dirty
*581* Fumble Like Hell
Some sort of alien will appear to you shortly.
Rain Man
You will be run over by a bus.
If you are so busy, why you ain't so rich??
This pond may be started at Christmas day.
This pond may be started at Christmas day.
Hello! This is my first pond.
let's go swimmin, no sharks allowed, I hope
Slow Pond - March 2011
1. 1. at 1 for 1 day and 1 hour *107**107**107*
2011 World Pond Open
You will contract a rare disease.
Hope that the day after you die is a nice day.
You have no real enemies.
Keep it short for pithy sake.
Slow Pond - June 2010
Soomaa Run in the dark
9. 9. at 9 for 9 days and 9 hours *107**107*
Samozřejmě musím udělat narozeninový rybník
Someone is speaking well of you. How unusual!
Is this really happening?
Darker than dark vol. 1
Slow Pond - April 2010
Kiwiyeti Birthday Bash 2010
Nový rok
I'm running out of names
One - Run to school in darkness 2009
November dark swimmer
October dark swimmer
*107* PLAV! *107*
3. 3. at 3 for 3 days and 3 hours *107**107*
Midnight Skinny Dipper.
Quick Pond 16
Fathers Day 2008
GoodFoods' BlackOut Cake Run VIII
►► Fast Start - First 16 to sign - Dark Pond #36 ◄
Sponge Bob Squarepants
Mystic River Pond #4
Tiger's Dark Cavern
hyper kingdom 1
A WHAM BAMS #49 Pondside of points!!!

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