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Team tournaments(discuss)
Creator: Fencer
Novation XioSynth (Hyper Backgammon - show rules)
New! Each member of the winner team will receive 200 Brains as the prize.
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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 8
Number of team players: 8
Time control (?): 3 days, standard vacation
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
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Results of team players
nstre (2168)Knights Of The Round Table181305
arpa (2230)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D141202
KARA (1743)161204
Lu-Tze (2122)161204
Ebru (2084)Knights Of The Round Table181206
Tulip (2074)GuineaPig´s Club181206
Flake (2064)Společenství přátel *145*141103
pedrored (2014)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D141103
Kiwiyeti (1867)◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ *28*141103
Labbeda (2170)Republic of Uganda*1235*141103
mangue (2109)Purple World141103
Igeman (1924)161105
tenn (2072)161105
dhaas70 (2182)Knights Of The Round Table181107
SMART ALX (2152)Knights Of The Round Table181107
Kili (2133)GuineaPig´s Club181107
tmm43 (2118)GuineaPig´s Club181107
felineee (2040)Game Addicts *839*121002
bluhe (2157)*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262*121002
Blackadder Mr K (2116)"Le" Club121002
dr. martanek (2208) MATALENA *57**57*121002
cripster2 (2055)141004
SueQ (2144)◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ *28*141004
lovelysharon (2063)◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ *28*141004
Holyman (2175)Republic of Uganda*1235*141004
furbster (2252)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*141004
txaggie (2140)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*141004
Kašpárek *1227* (2090)161006
vic (2255)161006
AlsknWolfGodess (1968)Knights Of The Round Table181008
Crosseyed Mary (2214)GuineaPig´s Club181008
pepinocz (2032) MATALENA *57**57*12903
NOT a floosie (2119)14905
Gror (2147)Blizzards14905
oliottavio (2135)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D14905
PCfromKNM (2223)Republic of Uganda*1235*14905
saeco (2149)Purple World14905
Dolittle (2078)Purple World14905
redfrog (1785)Purple World14905
Bry (2148)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*14905
vaizi (2107)Blizzards14905
Naemos (1985)16907
Three D (1981)Knights Of The Round Table18909
netvenus (2089)Knights Of The Round Table18909
tenuki (2191)Knights Of The Round Table18909
Maki (2007)GuineaPig´s Club18909
WILD TURKEY (2145)12804
sooooz (2004)12804
lindaw4 (2013)*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262*12804
Czechgirl (2114)Lorien *1277*12804
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