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Team tournaments(discuss)
Creator: Fencer
Roland Fantom (Backgammon - show rules)
New! Each member of the winner team will receive 200 Brains as the prize.
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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 8
Number of team players: 8
Time control (?): 3 days, standard vacation
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
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Results of team players
Serendipity (2182)GuineaPig´s Club181503
Kili (2205)GuineaPig´s Club181503
Dark Vamp (1772)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*181503
Vikings (2272)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*181503
pentejr (2081)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*181503
jryden (2037)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*181404
Jofaserimon (1880)GuineaPig´s Club181305
Gabriel Almeida (2264)Tugas181305
furbster (2388)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*181305
MariaAnna (1973)GuineaPig´s Club181305
Anencephal (2141)"Le" Club121101
Fitzmertz (2190)*102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102*161105
WellyWales (2036)*102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102*161105
Andre Faria (2281)Tugas181107
Borowitz (2238)Republic of Uganda*1235*121002
Kiwiyeti (1546)Purple World121002
munwest (2151)Safe Haven121002
ergart (1821)Purple World121002
Poncho (1927)*102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102*161006
Bry (2032)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*181008
aissi (1933)Tugas181008
Pedro Martínez (2374)*1165* ***Jason's Backgammon Fellowship*** *1165*181008
Mr Buildmother (1853)GuineaPig´s Club181008
felineee (2073)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse12903
TJ (2142)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse12903
Maťátko (2088) MATALENA *57**57*12903
purplesmurf (1902)◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ *28*12903
konec (1712)Republic of Uganda*1235*12903
Peter 63 (2240)Republic of Uganda*1235*12903
rodeogirl (2062)*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262*12903
Bratr (2203)BRATRSTVO KOCICI PRACKY *1176*12903
Magrata (2024)Lorien *1277*12903
HelenaTanein (2060)Lorien *1277*12903
Summer Flame (1660)*102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102*16907
Adaptable Ali (1962)*102*Summer Flames Ocean Apart *102*16907
Allison (2018)GuineaPig´s Club18909
mgraca (2078)Tugas18909
El Cid (2171)Tugas18909
dalkelly (2133)10802
GGROBINLOVE (1596)Brian's 1971 Pub10802
stemacis (1928)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D10802
"GERRY" (1704)*31*The Sunshine Club *31*12804
Antje (1829)*31*The Sunshine Club *31*12804
fxdirect (1651)*31*The Sunshine Club *31*12804
pgt (2319)◙ The Gammon Cube ◙ *28*12804
Holyman (2049)Republic of Uganda*1235*12804
Picasso1012 (1388)*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262*12804
Hazard (2086)*1262*A WHAM BAMS*1262*12804
bones43902 (1841)Safe Haven12804
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