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Team tournaments(discuss)
*134*BIG BAD Bark BattleBoats Birthday Bash3*1248* (Dark Battleboats - show rules)
Dark Battleboats - Tournament #3

Guess who's Birthday is on October 19th????? I don't go by "BIG BAD WOLF" anymore, and I know I misspelled Bark/Dark - But whatever - this is a GAME site -- This place is suppose to be fun.

Bash #1 - Tie between Republic of Uganda & * BIG BAD * Battleboats
Bash #2 - Republic of Uganda

Good Luck to all teams

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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 20
Number of team players: 6
Time control (?): 4 days, standard vacation
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
Results of team players
dr. martanek (1935) MATALENA *57**57*141103
Labbeda (1913)Republic of Uganda*1235*141004
Anarchy (1873)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE141004 (2104)* BIG BAD * Battleboats*1185*141004
MadMonkey (2109)* BIG BAD * Battleboats*1185*14905
Marshmud (1986)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14905
Bobes (2049)The Untouchables14905
Honor.j (1804)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*14905
cd power (1973)The Untouchables14905
joshi tm (1867)* BIG BAD * Battleboats*1185*14905
lukulus (1897)Republic of Uganda*1235*14905
SueQ (1956)* BIG BAD * Battleboats*1185*14806
Rolf (1745)Společenství přátel *145*14806
FOTBALISTA (2080)Republic of Uganda*1235*14806
Borowitz (2010)Republic of Uganda*1235*14806
Chimera (1971)* BIG BAD * Battleboats*1185*14806
fanciann (1987)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*14806
incognito (2078)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14806
rod03801 (1983)* BIG BAD * Battleboats*1185*14806
whikki (2073)Společenství přátel *145*14806
PCfromKNM (1974)Republic of Uganda*1235*14806
Taffazzi (1965)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14806
Quelhar (1994)Společenství přátel *145*14707
Gabriel Almeida (2014)The Untouchables14707
Mirda (1928) MATALENA *57**57*14707
Alenečka (1981)Společenství přátel *145*14707
Good Luck :)FLR (2108)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14707
Jopie (1978)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14707
A663 (2026) MATALENA *57**57*14707
Zach (2028)The Untouchables14707
goodfoods (1559)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*14707
schoffi (1894) MATALENA *57**57*14608
kid_quick (1453)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*14608
Aganju (1962)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*14608
dr_Brainsurfer (1792)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14608
ann67 (1907)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE14608
chessik (2037)Společenství přátel *145*14608
japajka (1960)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE14509
Evásek (1982)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE14509
Perin (1723)Společenství přátel *145*14509
mellon (2001)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE14509
Maťátko (1946) MATALENA *57**57*14509
Mustang John (2014) MATALENA *57**57*14509
H0nzík (2014)The Untouchables144010
varkala (1933)Republic of Uganda*1235*144010
Aluna (1807)*213*NULOVÁ ŠANCE144010
blackviper55 (1583)*131* LET'S DANCE *1199*143011
Curt (1933)The Untouchables140014
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