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Team tournaments(discuss)
Jan 2009 *1227* Coulrophobia (Camelot) (Camelot - show rules)
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Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Minimum number of teams: 4
Maximum number of teams: unlimited
Maximum number of teams per section: 8
Number of team players: 6
Time control (?): 3 days, standard vacation
Status: finished

Tournament tablesPlayer results
Results of team players
MrWCF (2118)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼141400
MariaAnna (1479)Republic of Uganda*1235*141301
cd power (1716)The Untouchables141301
bobowski74 (1810)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse141112
trohat (1641)Společenství přátel *145*141103
Jannssen (1611)Společenství přátel *145*141103
Gabriel Almeida (1643)Tugas141103
Konrad (1281)The Untouchables141103
lukulus (1760)Republic of Uganda*1235*141004
Anitka (1466)Společenství přátel *145*141004
chessik (1732)Společenství přátel *145*141004
crayzeejim (1468)*188* The Teamplayers *188*14914
Graeivo (1653)*188* The Teamplayers *188*14905
joshi tm (1553)*188* The Teamplayers *188*14905
Roberto Silva (1537)Tugas14905
Undertaker. (1804)Tugas14905
Bobes (1680)The Untouchables14905
Zach (1521)The Untouchables14905
MadMonkey (1139)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14905
Beaupol (1244)*188* The Teamplayers *188*14806
Holyman (1422)Republic of Uganda*1235*14806
Vocilka (1434)Republic of Uganda*1235*14806
pauloaguia (1518)Tugas14806
SL-Mark (1437)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼14707
southafrikanse (1592)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼14707
El Cid (1541)Tugas14707
Good Luck :)FLR (1439)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D14707
Gouwe gozer (1486)*188* The Teamplayers *188*14608
zetes (1096)Společenství přátel *145*14608
Darles Chickens (1553)Tugas14608
BsyB (1342)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14608
Robsaranga (1572)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D14608
skinny18 (1474)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse14608
Clandestine 1 (1408)The Untouchables14509
FilsdeTycho (1058)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼144010
Nirvana (864)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼144010
Milioi (1683)Republic of Uganda*1235*144010
Doleži (992)Společenství přátel *145*144010
AlterMann (1336)The Untouchables144010
Bluesun (1145)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D144010
Übergeek 바둑이 (1385)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D144010
aaru (1611)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D143011
gigino42 (1156)ITALIANS DO IT BETTER :D142012
kid_game_2001 (1215)*188* The Teamplayers *188*141013
night owl (1076)☼☼*31* Ŧħε Saltεrηs *31*☼☼141013
Katechka (978)Republic of Uganda*1235*141013
Stingette® (816)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse141013
dhaas70 (621)Monkeys Swinging Madhouse140014
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