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Gammonator (T i m) - Brain Pawn, 0 Brains, 1245 achievement points
Total score: 12452 wins, 72 draws, 8019 losses, 3111 won tournaments

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Membership:Brain Pawn
Country:United States
First login:15. March 2003, 19:02:29
Last action:27. June 2017, 01:26:21 - viewing game Backgammon Race (DesertStarr vs. Gammonator)
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Weekend days:Saturday and Sunday
Vacation days left:10 days

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Description:Hi all. Just want to say my time is coming to an end here. Playing games is fun. Takes me away from lifes displeasures.But games are beginning to take control of my life. to many games to play. To much time on the computer. I have a six year old that needs more attention than what I am giving her. I will never stop playing . I am just not going to be a member and bring my games down to a controlled amount. Basically what I did for a few years here before I joined. I never thought I could win this many games and trny's, it just lets me know I spend too much time here.It will take me years and years to get all my matches cleared out do to the speed of some players. So if you want your matches done with me,,,play a little bit.
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