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Run around the Pond(show rules | discuss)
Creator: rod03801
! The Zoo *1173**1104* Regular Watering Hole
This pond is part of a special prize competition. The winner of the whole competition will receive one year Rook membership.

It is in combination with the other 2 ponds open for sign up, and the Random Dice games tournament.

It is NOT required that you sign up for everything, however your chances of winning the prize, are better, if you do.

It will work as follows:
1. Each part will be worth 5 points.
2. In this pond, the winner will receive 5 points, 2nd place 4 points, 3rd place 3 points, 4th place 2 points and 5th place 1 point.
3. This will be the same in the Random Dice games tournament.
4. In the case of ties in the dice games tournament, it will be decided by S-B points, of course. If for some reason this still makes the results ambiguous, I will come up with a random quick "contest", at my discretion, to decide who gets what points.
5. In the case of ties in the ponds, it will be decided by who ends with the most points left. (Let's say 3 people fall in the pond in the same round. The person with the highest points left gets the higher amount of points towards this prize. Again, if this still makes the results ambiguous, I will do the same as mentioned in #4.

Feel free to ask me any questions on the fellowship discussion board! This description may not be as clear as it could be! LOL

The Zoo - Watering Hole in the Dark

The Zoo - Watering Hole in the Rain

! The Zoo Welcome back AGAIN Eriisa!! The sections in this tournament are very large, to avoid having too many rounds, and lasting for 18 years!

Good luck!

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Fellowship: ! The Zoo *1173**1104**1109**1106*
Pond type:  Run around the pond
Pond ID: 5611
Minimum number of players: 16
Maximum number of players: unlimited
Time per move: 2 days
Start: 11. May 2009, 19:04:56
End: 16. June 2009, 20:05:14

Game | Discussion
rod03801:(30. May 2009, 02:40:41) Give me a break. There was no question about what you meant. What other bid looked "funny"? If that wasn't the one you meant, then clear it up. If you have no intention of clearing it up, why even bring it up in the first place?

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* = automatic move (from the previous round)
Bonus of 500 points for the last round: Beaupol
Maximum: 119, Minimum: 119, Average: 119
Running players
1 player
OrderNameBKRPoints leftLast move
1  Beaupol2376983119
Players in the pond
18 players
OrderNameBKRFall in roundLast move
2  Kiwiyeti179618118
3  aaru256617411
4  Czuch2172160
5  TeamBundy262415457
6  MadMonkey2178141100
7  Skittles1921133874
8  Bernice2357123105
9  rod038012509112101
10  coan.net252410* 1212
11  Snoopy204891000
12  MariaAnna22668* 797
13  baddessi19327475
14  daddybell20636340
15  SueQ22535270
16  painter22814178
17  SEAWOLF218803131
18  Key McKinnis1929227
19  Eriisa170215
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