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Run around the Pond(show rules | discuss)

- Run around the pond, - Run in the dark, - Run in the rain
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Running ponds

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Finished ponds

Name Winner Number of rounds Time per move Creator
 April Fools Dark run 2014Aganju14 2 daysBrian1971
 April Fools Rain run 2014-6 2 daysBrian1971
 April Fools Run 2014Aganju14 2 daysBrian1971
 Dark March madness 2014TAROU15 2 daysBrian1971
 Rainy March Madness 2014-7 2 daysBrian1971
 March Madness 2014alexlee14 2 daysBrian1971
 who wants to swim in......... sleet... not meVikings14 2 daysYBWORKN>StRod37
 you wanna swim in the dark.... I don't...YBWORKN>StRod3714 2 daysYBWORKN>StRod37
 jan of 2014... new pond, new year... let's swim karij13 2 daysYBWORKN>StRod37
 *1247* Weekend Pond #10Dalmatiner21 7 daysBGBedlam
 Cítím, že Mucha je podle gusta žen.-4 4 days 12 hoursTAROU
 Cítím, že Mucha je podle gusta žen.YBWORKN>StRod3713 4 daysTAROU
 To write with a broken pencil is pointless.Labbeda16 2 daysrabbitoid
 A relief map shows where the restrooms are.Universal Eyes13 2 daysrabbitoid
 The dead batteries were given out free of charge.Vikings15 2 daysrabbitoid
 When a clock is hungry it goes back four seconds.YBWORKN>StRod3715 2 daysrabbitoid
 Merkur má krátery jmen "Dvořák" a "Shakespeare".-6 4 days 12 hoursTAROU
 Merkur má krátery jmen "Dvořák" a "Shakespeare".YBWORKN>StRod3715 4 daysTAROU
 *1247* Weekend Pond #9Vikings17 7 daysBGBedlam
 Valentine dark runAganju15 2 daysBrian1971
 Valentine rain runaaru7 2 daysBrian1971
 Valentine RunVikings16 2 daysBrian1971
 gettin close to 2014, one more pondANGEL DARK15 1 day 16 hoursYBWORKN>StRod37
 My skiing skills are really going downhill.Sheldon Cooper17 2 daysrabbitoid
 When Peter Pan punches, they Neverland.alexlee17 2 daysrabbitoid
 I used to have a fear of hurdles but I got over itVikings15 2 daysrabbitoid
 I'm glad I know sign language, it's pretty handy.YBWORKN>StRod3715 2 daysrabbitoid
 2014 and I'm still making ponds! time to grow upAganju15 2 daysrabbitoid
 The main thing is not to drown.Vikings15 2 daysGoldarrows
 Run around the Christmas Tree *1121*gambler10432 3 daysUniversal Eyes
 get colder, and it's gonna be slippy real soon!!!!-6 1 day 18 hoursYBWORKN>StRod37
 get on your mark, get set..... hey we're goneTAROU18 1 day 19 hoursYBWORKN>StRod37
 hey ya don't have to shovel rain -6 2 days 6 hoursYBWORKN>StRod37
 *1247* Weekend Pond #8Vikings17 7 daysBGBedlam
 Rain pond run 2014YBWORKN>StRod375 2 daysBrian1971
 Dark pond run 2014Vikings16 2 daysBrian1971
 Pond Run 2014alexlee15 2 daysBrian1971
 *1168* Comet IsonMustang John20 2 daysBGBedlam
 dive in b4 theres ice on the pondsnaky15 2 days 9 hoursYBWORKN>StRod37
 Skafandr pro kosmonauty je malá kosmická loď.-6 4 daysTAROU
 Skafandr pro kosmonauty je malá kosmická loď.Sheldon Cooper20 4 days 12 hoursTAROU
 Caution Wet Floor!!-6 2 daysVlatomico
 My budeme moct cestovat na Mars brzy.-7 4 days 12 hoursTAROU
 My budeme moct cestovat na Mars brzy.Sheldon Cooper20 4 daysTAROU
 My birthday dark runAganju15 2 daysBrian1971
 My birthday rain run-7 2 daysBrian1971
 My December birthday runBrian197115 2 daysBrian1971
 You will receive a pond for Christmas.Vikings25 2 daysrabbitoid
 If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.alexlee25 2 daysrabbitoid

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