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This page contains the list of users who wish to have a higher level of membership but cannot (for any reason) buy it themselves. If you feel like you would sponsor someone today, choose one player from the list and click "select" to proceed.

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robtooThank You Very Much For Your Kind Help.21. October 2017, 02:21:13 57 mins 46 sSelect
snaky 15. October 2017, 20:37:15 19 hours 13 minsSelect
TengenThank You :)22. September 2017, 21:09:09 19 hours 45 minsSelect
sembazuru 27. September 2017, 15:31:01 5 days 14 hours 
DeaD man WalkiNSure could use a Bishop for last 2 months. It's like $7.50 US,,,15. October 2017, 10:57:32 7 days 9 hoursSelect
Tutagil 21. October 2017, 00:22:26 28 days 22 hoursSelect

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