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This page contains the list of users who wish to have a higher level of membership but cannot (for any reason) buy it themselves. If you feel like you would sponsor someone today, choose one player from the list and click "select" to proceed.

Waiting requests
User name Desired level Public message for a sponsor (optional) Date of request Time left  
snaky 27. February 2017, 18:57:22 5 days 1 hourSelect
VAITIUXA 20. February 2017, 07:36:00 5 days 13 hoursSelect
Molly87I would love to play more games and tournaments. Thank you in advance!16. February 2017, 20:30:50 8 days 2 hoursSelect
BadBoy7i would love to have a sponser so i can play ponds and tournies etc ty8. February 2017, 23:18:15 8 days 5 hoursSelect
Mars 21. February 2017, 01:57:39 22 days 8 hoursSelect
Lukas 16 21. February 2017, 14:56:06 22 days 21 hoursSelect
NascarFan814would like to be able to create tournies and play in ponds ty in advance25. February 2017, 08:13:38 26 days 14 hoursSelect

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