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A place to learn about new interviews, suggest someone for one and ask questions about the interview process.

You can find more about how the interview process is conducted here

New interview with Good Luck :)FLR here. Ask your questions until August 31st 2018

Please ask questions only in the language that the person being interviewed can speak, so they are able to answer all questions. Thanks!

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13. February 2015, 03:06:27
Subject: Re: Interview

21. October 2012, 02:08:31
Subject: Re:
furbster: Hannelore!

29. September 2010, 15:35:25
Subject: Re:Immediately after BK 4.0 is released
Pedro Martínez: know who will be cussin ya! lol

1. July 2010, 19:06:52
I like the popular vote idea...of course only paying members can make nominations, and only one per person.
there are some very interesting people here, and some very fake people here.....lets interview the interesting ones, not the phoneys.

1. June 2010, 03:27:13
Subject: Re: there you go

30. March 2010, 04:45:10
maybe interviews will be a thing of the past with the new BK3.

5. May 2009, 00:22:50
well done!

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