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Discuss about tablut game or find new opponents.

There is a fellowship dedicated to tablut, its called tablut reborn and can be found here;

for all paying members of BrianKing.

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28. September 2005, 19:14:01
Emne: Re:
mikkyT: I can assure you that you are not alone in taking a hit with your BKR ... I did reasonably in Tablut (comparatively) but have a few other games where my hard-earned has instantly evapourated. Maybe it was the bug and I didn't deserve to be where I was but in one game type with about 250 games played I have an 84% win rate (10% draw and 6% loss) and I have a rating of about 2150 ... go figure !

From a now unhappy WQ :(

29. September 2005, 13:50:45
It seems those of us who where selective in their opponents and worked hard to achieve maximum BKR have been penalised for doing so.

29. September 2005, 14:03:06
I have a proposal (serious one) for a new BKR, although I have yet to work out how this could be achieved.

Basically, with Tablut being a game with uneven sides and different strategies for both sides, the BKR should favour those who can win with both colours.

Certain people (referring to one individual in particular, lets call him Stuart, to protect his real identity) can only play with white. When he looses, 90% of the time it is with black. Ideally, that score should be representative of his lack of skill with the black pieces.

29. September 2005, 14:27:34
Emne: Re:
mikkyT: his current BKR may also reflect his skill at inveigling others to play black against him! You know how some people play only one color on the solved games, like Horde and Maharajah? How do they get people to play with them? I could never figure it out, so I guess they deserve their BKR because I could never even get anyone to take a black battleboats plus game from me.

29. September 2005, 18:49:19
Emne: Re:
redsales: Well, if I've been penalised for selecting my opponents based on how much BKR I'm going to gain (which is what this 'bug' was based upon) then I put forward that coercing your opponent into playing to your strengths is just as bad!

29. September 2005, 18:51:11
Sorry, I'll correct that last statement, I dont mean to infer that its not really a bug. I accept this. Its hard to display in simple text that I am having a bit of light hearted fun. But at the same time I do think there are important issues underlying as well.

6. Oktober 2005, 22:56:25
MikkyT has won the Beginners Tablut #2!

8. Oktober 2005, 03:53:06
Emne: Re: MikkyT wins Beginners Tablut #2
Fwiffo: Well done MikkyT, but I expect you will not be allowed in one of those again :)

10. Oktober 2005, 10:43:58
Emne: Re: MikkyT wins Beginners Tablut #2
WhisperzQ: I'm not sure ... his BKR seems to be around the beginners range now ;-)

(..... waiting for flames)

10. Oktober 2005, 10:54:48

I'm afraid I noticed some recession in his play also :)

10. Oktober 2005, 11:53:35
Emne: Re:
Fwiffo: Last move: 26. April 2005, 19:03:03

So whats the point here?

10. Oktober 2005, 11:56:16
Emne: Beginners Tablut Finalists (so far)
Winners of the beginners tablut series are invited to an invitational final event. So far the list is as follows:

mikkyT (#2)
George Miller (#3)
Robsaranga (#4)
Ferjo (#5)
Bratr (#8)

Waiting on #1, #6, #7, #9, #10

10. Oktober 2005, 12:03:41
Emne: Re:
Based on your current trends;
It won't be long until you can host another beginners tablut tournament and compete!!


[for those who don't realise ... this is harmless goading ... and MikkyT is used to it]

29. Oktober 2005, 00:08:45
Anyone want to join cryptoguru's Speedy Scotch Tablut tournament to help him celebrate becoming a Brain Rook? Join NOW!

22. November 2005, 16:36:55
Emne: Petition to prevent mis-selling on Brainking

Tablut Titans.

According to the description of this tournament, "This Tablut tournament is created in order to let the top Tablut players of the moment battle each other directly."

That is a blatant lie. In my mind, you are as good as your last game. So that counts out at least one of the privately invited members. Stuarts never been a top player, so thats two.

You can't have a top players tournament without including the top players. Mirjam and Mely, for example rank higher than some of the invitees. And finally, no titans tournament is complete without king of tablut, ugiahbu!

(This post may or may not have been created in jest

22. November 2005, 17:45:38
Emne: Re: Petition to prevent mis-selling on Brainking

Yawn Yawn ... are you upset about something again Mike?


22. November 2005, 17:51:52
Nothing at all. Just that if that bug had not been introduced by Fencer, the rankings table would still be truly reflecting the games top players. That is all.

22. November 2005, 23:38:45
As ughaibu is the god of Tablut, how could he also be a Titon?
Mirjam at the other hand, is far from a Titon; she is sweet and... well, too gentle to participate in such a fierce battle.

Not all have signed up yet and please note that "of the moment" means "of the moment of creation of the tournament". Of course I've picked the right moment, when I'm still at the top!

23. November 2005, 12:08:46
The top is an illusion created by Fencer to give you all a moment of grandeur

23. November 2005, 12:39:44
Emne: Re:
I suppose the real question you're asking MikkyT is
'What's the Titon?'

<PS the above should be interpreted using colloquial English ask Mikky if you get stuck>

23. November 2005, 13:22:31
Emne: A Real Live tablut One - SIGN UP

A real tablut tournament for real tablut players. Switched colours for both teams ensuring a proper fair fight guv'nor and none of this holiday namby pamby m'larky.

7 days per game, up to a maximum of 15 days will ensure this competition will not last over 6 months without a winner!

The final will be a 5 games match, the winner being the one with the most points afterward.

5. December 2005, 11:45:30
Emne: New player
Managed to convert one of the other guys at work to start playing.

His name is Albondigas
... he sits opposite me and has been privy to the arguments and
strategy discussions between Stormerne, MikkyT and I.

Challenge him to a game ... he's a good player.

He's only played a few games and already he's beaten MikkyT ;-)
(beginners luck ... maybe ... or maybe not)

Well done Albondigas

5. December 2005, 12:46:58
He hasn't beaten me

5. December 2005, 13:40:21
Emne: Re:

5. December 2005, 17:09:46
Welcome Albondigas!

5. December 2005, 22:51:10
Emne: Re: New player
cryptoguru: And to think, so of us have to be productive when we go to work! (JK ... welcome Albondigas :)

9. December 2005, 04:46:51
where is Storm anyway, I miss him!

9. December 2005, 04:57:15
Hes stuck in Kualar Lumpar doing some training I believe.

9. December 2005, 15:44:07
Andre Faria 
Emne: Re:
mikkyT: yep, he has the malasian flag right now...

19. December 2005, 01:27:01
Emne: Brandubh game
Snigfarp and myself have completed the testing of Brandubh, a variant from the Hnefatafl family. Snigfarp beat me in 14 moves. I made a big strategic blunder by thinking I could just block exits and capture: but there are not enough pieces to net the king like in Tablut!
I must say I didn't like this variant nearly as much as our own Tablut. The pieces don't work together nicely and escape to the corners feels artificial. Here is the game:

1. B4-B6 D3-C3
2. F4-F2 E4-F4
3. D6-F6 D4-E4
4. F2-F3 D5-G5
5. F6-F5xF4 E4-E6
6. F5-F6 G5-G6xF6
7. F3-F6 E6-E5
8. G4-G5xG6 C3-F3
9. D2-F2 C4-G4
10. G5-F5 G4-G5xF5
11. F6-F4xF3 E5-E6
12. F4-F6 G5-G6xF6
13. F2-F6 E6-E3
14. F6-F2 G6-G2
Fwiffo resigns

6. Januar 2006, 09:19:06

28. Januar 2006, 12:25:55
Emne: Tablut Reborn Fellowship
Interested in Tablut?
You can learn the game or improve your play at Tablut Reborn.
The fellowship consists of players of all strength; everything between unrated and the top.

Tablut Reborn features are:
* unrated teach & learn tournaments
* rated tournaments
* a weekly puzzle
* game reviews
* demonstration games
* a collection of relevant internet links

30. Januar 2006, 13:42:14
Emne: Beginners Tablut tournament winners
Tilpasset af Fwiffo (30. Januar 2006, 13:47:40)
Congratulations to the winners of the Beginners Tablut tournaments:

George Miller
Napoleon Solo
Bratr (2x)

Funny enough, the first Beginners Tournament was finished last! A decisive long-lasting battle between Mirjam & fungame resulted at last in a victory for Mirjam.
Although some players participated in more than one tournament, only Bratr succeeded in winning two tournaments.

2. Februar 2006, 12:07:23
Emne: Perpetual Raichi
Tilpasset af Fwiffo (2. Februar 2006, 12:14:45)
Lately a lot of draws happened with me playing black, all perpetual raichi: 7 times since november.
I myself could have forced a draw under the existent rules in my latest game against ughaibu, a much better player.

The purpose of this post is to re-open the discussion on this issue.

Let me first point out a rule-change would take only a change in the description of the rules, not re-programming. This is important because it means it would take very little time for Fencer to adjust the rules. Just a text change.

What I'm trying to do is the following:
taking up the project ughaibu has started, I will try to prove white has a forced draw from the start. Maybe I will not succeed, but at least I will show the "perpetual raichi is draw" rule diminishes blacks options hugely and pervades the game in a negative way.

The move that leads the easiest to perpetual raichi is 1. d5-d8.

What are the options of the black player?

1. ... d1-d5, 1. ... d1-d7, 1. ... f9-f8, 1. ... e8-g8, 1. ... b5-b7. Those are the natural responses to d5-d8, although 1. ... d1-d7 is dubious already. Of course there is no need to explore every move, only the logical ones.

In this first part I will try to prove that in all but 1. ... d1-d5 white has perpetual raichi. In later parts I will try to do the same for 1. ... d1-d5, or at least make clear the game tree is narrowed so much when one tries to prevent perpetual raichi, the game loses much of its charm.

Here follow the variations:

1. ... d1-d7

1. d5-d8 d1-d7
2. e5-d5 e2-d2
3. d5-d3 b5-b3
4. e3-e2 h5-h3
5. c5-c2 e1-d1
6. e2-e1 f1-f2
7. d3-d2 white escapes

1. d5-d8 d1-d7
2. e5-d5 e1-d1
2. c5-c7 now white has 6 rows on which to give raichi with 4 soldiers to block. Moving e8 or e2 could reduce it only to 5 which is still perpetual raichi. The same goes for d1-d2, d9-d8, d9-d7, a6-d6. 2. ... d9-d6 fails to 3. c7-c6 perpetual raichi or win. 2. ... a4-d4, 2. ... d1-d3 and 2. ... d1-d4 will all be captured and are no reasonable defenses.

1. .... e8-g8/f9-f8

1. d5-d8 e8-g8/f9-f8
2. e5-d5 d1-d2
3. c5-c1 d9-c9
4. d8-c8 a6-d6
5. c8-c6 perpetual raichi

1. ... b5-b7

1. d5-d8 b5-b7
2. e5-d5 d1-d2
3. c5-c1 d9-c9
4. d8-c8 a6-d6
5. d5-b5 perpetual raichi

1. d5-d8 b5-b7
2. e5-d5 d1-d2
3. c5-c1 a4-d4
4. d5-c5 forced win

2. Februar 2006, 12:20:35
Emne: Perpetual Raichi 2
Now what if black plays 1. ... d1-d5?

1. d5-d8 d1-d5
2. f5-f8 f1-f5 (or similar effect as the above perpetual raichi's)
3. e6-d6 a4-c4 (the other choice would be a6-c6, following later)
4. e7-e8 a6-a7
5. e5-e7 f5-f7
6. e7-b7 perpetual raichi

1. d5-d8 d1-d5
2. f5-f8 f1-f5
3. e6-d6 a4-c4
4. e7-e8 b5-b7
5. e5-e7 f5-f7
6. e7-c7 perpetual raichi

1. d5-d8 d1-d5
2. f5-f8 f1-f5
3. e6-d6 a4-c4
4. e7-e8 i6-e6
5. f8-f6 f9-f7
6. e5-e7 c4-c7
7. d6-f6 h5-h7
8. e8-f8 h7-g7 (8.... h7-f7, 9. e7-e6 f5-f6, 10. e6-b6 perpetual raichi)
9. e7-f7 e9-h9 (9. ... e9-f9 10. f8-g8 white wins)
10. f8-g8 d9-f9
11. f6-g6 i5-i7
12. f7-h7 perpetual raichi

1. d5-d8 d1-d5
2. f5-f8 f1-f5
3. e6-d6 a4-c4
4. e7-e8 i6-e6
5. f8-f6 f9-f7
6. e5-e7 c4-c7
7. d6-f6 f7-g7
8. e7-f7 e9-f9
9. e8-g8 d9-e9
10. f6-g6 h5-h7
11. f7-g7 I'm not going through all of the variants here... it's clear white will win or at least perpetual raichi

1. d5-d8 d1-d5
2. f5-f8 f1-f5
3. e6-d6 a4-c4
4. e7-e8 i6-e6
5. f8-f6 f9-f7
6. e5-e7 c4-c7
7. d6-f6 i4-g4
8. e8-f8 h5-h7
9. e7-g7 e9-g9
10. f8-h8 g4-g6 and perpetual raichi

1. d5-d8 d1-d5
2. f5-f8 f1-f5
3. e6-d6 a4-c4
4. e7-e8 i6-e6
5. f8-f6 f9-f7
6. e5-e7 c4-c7
7. d6-f6 i4-g4
8. e8-f8 g4-g7
9. f8-g8 h5-h7 (9. ... g7-f7, 10. e7-e6 and 11. e6-b6 perpetual raichi)
10. e7-f7 e9-f9
11. e4-e9 forced win

1. d5-d8 d1-d5
2. f5-f8 f1-f5
3. e6-d6 a4-c4
4. e7-e8 c4-c7
5. e4-d4 which threathens perpetual raichi, moves preventing this are a5-a4, b5-c5, b5-d5, e2-c2, e1-c1
I will continue here later.

2. Marts 2006, 17:34:03
Emne: Re: Perpetual Raichi 2
Fwiffo: Ty for trying to make the diffrence in the rules. I thought myself that this oppening would be easiest to show that white can get perpetual draw. Now i really hoped that Fencer would as fast as possible change the rules because now people can try take draws by following these lines.

2. Marts 2006, 18:43:43
Emne: Re: Perpetual Raichi 2
Salkkuman: Thanks...! I haven't proven it all the way yet, but maybe this is enough already to show how this rule destroys the game...

6. Marts 2006, 18:15:03
Emne: Re: Perpetual Raichi 2
HalfPawn: It is a picture of a Spathi, from the computergame Starcontrol.

17. Marts 2006, 23:51:52

2. April 2006, 10:57:03
Tilpasset af Fwiffo (12. April 2006, 14:52:40)
harley: Could you add a link to Tablut Reborn in the description of this board?

[modified to add "Thanks harley!" ]

27. April 2006, 21:48:14

22. August 2006, 02:43:57
Emne: Moderator needed!
Hello Tablut fans! This board is in need of a moderator, or two. If anyone (Brain Knight or higher) is interested in helping out, please send a personal message to me, or any other member of brainking staff, indicating your interest. We will then pick someone from any responses we receive.

While some knowledge of the game of Tablut is preferred, it is not a requirement to become a moderator. Being a discussion board in the English part of Brainking, it is necessary to have a decent understanding of English.

So, if you would like to help out, please let of of us know!


21. Juni 2007, 01:39:40
Emne: Re: Tablut Reborn Fellowship
Groeneveld: Just click this link:
Tablut Reborn and request membership to the fellowship right there.

14. Oktober 2008, 08:04:45
Emne: 10000
Please sign up -> 1500 ;), 10000 :D, 1600 ;) (single elimination for 8, Fisher's clock 3/0.8/15 with autopass & immediately start)
More informations about Fischer's clock on BrainKing & BrainRook

Tabult - I need 4 players more
& other games

17. Februar 2010, 09:50:20
It's now more than three years since Fwiffo played any games of tablut here, but judging by the rules page, draws by perpetual raichi still haven't been made illegal. The reason that Fwiffo stopped playing is because this rule is quite clearly wrong. Is there any plan to change this so that the game is more balanced?

16. Juni 2010, 17:05:10
Emne: tablut opening moves
where can i find a list or site where all the opening moves are listed from good to bad...

please help

14. November 2010, 03:19:45
Son of Monse 
Emne: Hnefatafl...and different versions of Tablut
Has Brainking considered expanding to more tafl games? I would like to see Hnefatafl (11x11 and/or 13x13 board, with different starting positions).

More importantly, I would also like to see different versions of Tablut. The board and setup the same, but the rules need to be changed (or just have different versions available to choose from).

Currently, white is favored to win 60/40 because there are 32 spaces to escape to. With "hostile" corners to escape to, the odds are much closer to 50/50 because the king can only escape to 4 spaces and can also be captured on a side square with three attackers. However, the attackers are not too advantaged because now there are more ways they can be captured (only one defender is needed to capture an attacker against the corner--making for 8 additional dangerous spaces for the attackers). You could also allow the king to take part in captures, making the "hostile" corners version closer to 50/50.

Another really good idea is just to make the "base camps" hostile (the colored squares where the attackers start from) for all players, including the king. They would have the same rules as the castle square (once left, no one can re-enter, only cross through). This would decrease the number of escape squares from 32 to 20 (and also increase the hostile squares that attackers can be captured on). I've read an article that gives good reason to believe this may be the correct version of Tablut (and why Linne thought the edge was safe--he just assumed the whole edge).

I agree with ughaibu. Brainking needs to adopt rules to make the game more balanced...there are alot of websites that support this.

14. November 2010, 17:02:49
Son of Monse 
Ignore my previous post about changing Tablut...I am a dumb ass.

23. December 2010, 04:22:55
Son of Monse 
Emne: New Article on Tablut
Very interesting new article here:

I would like to read anyone's responses in particular about the arguments made about 1) the citadels, and 2) the proposed "correct" way to capture the king. It seems hard to argue against the authors beliefs as it does seem to be supported by Linneas writing. I do like the fact that it clearly shows king escape to the corners is incorrect in Tablut (but why no explanation for the Hnefatafl corner rule?).

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