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19. December 2005, 01:27:01
Emne: Brandubh game
Snigfarp and myself have completed the testing of Brandubh, a variant from the Hnefatafl family. Snigfarp beat me in 14 moves. I made a big strategic blunder by thinking I could just block exits and capture: but there are not enough pieces to net the king like in Tablut!
I must say I didn't like this variant nearly as much as our own Tablut. The pieces don't work together nicely and escape to the corners feels artificial. Here is the game:

1. B4-B6 D3-C3
2. F4-F2 E4-F4
3. D6-F6 D4-E4
4. F2-F3 D5-G5
5. F6-F5xF4 E4-E6
6. F5-F6 G5-G6xF6
7. F3-F6 E6-E5
8. G4-G5xG6 C3-F3
9. D2-F2 C4-G4
10. G5-F5 G4-G5xF5
11. F6-F4xF3 E5-E6
12. F4-F6 G5-G6xF6
13. F2-F6 E6-E3
14. F6-F2 G6-G2
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