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Gabriel Almeida - Brain Pawn, 3 Hjerner, 1295 poeng for prestasjoner og utmerkelser
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Medlemsskap:Brain Pawn
Først gang logget inn:13. januar 2006, 17:00:43
Siste handling:26. mai 2022, 16:59:35 - leser meldinger
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Hi, I'm from Portugal (beside my flag, from the Bascs, my loved place where I also would like to live). The picture you see is not mine, but (obviously) from the great Tom Waits, my favourite music/composer. I also like Nick Cave, Lou Reed, Goldfrapp, David Bowie, Radiohead and many others. Perfectly unloved for jazz (Dave Brubek, Coltrane, Oscar Petterson,...) and 20th. century classic composers (Mahler, Shostackovitch, Bartok, Debussy, Stravinsky, Piazzolla, ...).

I would like to present you some portuguese music... Xutos & Pontapés (one of the most famous band in Portugal), Mão Morta (almost unknowned, but my favourite portuguese band), Jorge Palma (our portuguese "Jacques Brel"), Sérgio Godinho (our portuguese "Léo Ferré"), Joel Xavier (guitar) and Carlos do Carmo (voice), in a portuguese FADO (our popular song, like TANGO in Argentina),  Mariza (another great fado singer), Fausto Bordalo Dias (more folk inspiraton), Entre Aspas this woman could make so happy <img src="">), mesa and Clã (a pop band, here in a very romantic song... eheheh).

My favourite games are checkers/Draughts (many variants of them). I'm here for the games, the friends I made/make and the fun for competition.

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