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Fencer  The future 20. januar 2018, 20:29:11
Happy New Year 2018. Yes, I know, I am a little late this time. I would like to use this opportunity to say again what I had posted a year ago and add a few more lines.

As you probably know, BrainKing will be 16 years old this year and its official support ended recently. Many things changed since October 2002 when the site had been launched and I think it's only fair to our members if they know what they can or cannot expect.

1) BrainKing is guaranteed to be running at least to the end of 2017. After that, nothing will be guaranteed. For instance, the site could become offline for a longer time, an unexpected error could break some important features, games could timeout for no logical reason, etc. Since BrainKing is quite a mature product and was programmed to self-repair many usual issues, it is not unlikely that none of these scenarios would happen - but still, it's good if people are aware of that.

2) There will be also no refunds for any kind of membership subscription. I will link this post from the Paid Membership section, so everybody would be informed that purchasing a membership is risky and not recommended to people who expect a service that continuously operates at a peak effeciency without any downtime.

3) It is also possible that, starting January 2018, BrainKing could be suddenly taken down without any warning. If it happens, memberships that would be still active will not be cancelled and their counter of remaining days will be stopped during the whole time of inactivity.

4) It has come to my attention that several users tried to exploit the BrainKing system of entry fee tournaments and got too many Brains for nothing, with an intention to get their membership for free. Some of them probably noticed that their requests to receive memberships had been denied, their Brains deleted and accounts suspended. I know that the majority of BrainKing users don't feel the need to cheat, and I hope the ones who got caught already learned their lesson.

So, BrainKing is still here and I have decided to keep it as long as possible but under the circumstances mentioned before - no guarantees and no refunds. Please keep it in mind, especially when you consider to pay for a membership. Thank you.

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