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7. april 2008, 04:28:12
Emne: New Game Proposal - Big Cheversi !
Here are the details:
The gameboard has 10 x 10 squares
16 pieces of the normal chess game are used
by both sides
the four centre squares are blocked so no pieces
can go there
all other rules are the same as Cheversi

17. mars 2008, 05:42:20
Emne: A new website idea - Brainking Live
This is about an idea i have had for awhile,
and here it is in text;
I think that Brainking should have a new sister
site called Brainking Live that allows you
to play fast games of chess and checker
variants. Anywhere from 5 minutes to
1 hour per player per game, it would be
similar to Brainking, but it could have
these features:
1. ratings that are different to Brainking
2. tournaments once a month
3. chat
4. learning centre
5. past games
It could be similar to
which was advertised at Brainking
I was hoping that Fencer could do
this one day, it would be hugely
popular, people can then decide
to play at the original Brainking
or the new Brainking Live
I would be interested to hear what
people think of this idea, it sounds
great to me

1. mars 2008, 01:55:24
Emne: Knightmate Chess
See my new proposal in the
Other Chess Variants discussion board

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