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Most of us have Sports we follow or play. Here is a place we can discuss any Sport from any country in the world.

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17. April 2006, 17:45:07
Subject: Re: Opening day in Anaheim at Angel Stadium
Czuch Chuckers: yeah, i wanted to ask you if the only way to get tickets would be through the internet or if you could get halfway decent seats in some other way (game time at the ticket office or something else). The reason is coz a friend is now for the next 3 months in Boston so it is an opportunity to invest in a flight and ticket so that accommodation would at least be saved! But.. i guess that odds for getting a ticket at Fenway are pretty slim, if you are for example flying to Tampa to see them play!

15. April 2006, 20:28:30
Subject: Re: Opening day in Anaheim at Angel Stadium
Czuch Chuckers: Great news: Wells is back on the DL!!!

Jim Dandy: Florida and supporting two teams? They actually don't even support one! Tampa is also not exactly a wild rave party when the Rays are home! :-)

12. April 2006, 20:37:24
Subject: Re: Opening day in Anaheim at Angel Stadium
Jim Dandy: well, you should get todays game with Boomer on the hill (or over the hill?) for the Sox. I for one am a Sox fan that is mad that he played his little I wanna leave and then didn't. I'm excited about this years Sox, although I'd say that the Yanks will still win the east by a very slim margin. Those come from behind wins like the one in their home opener just totally annoys me! Still early though, very early.

8. April 2006, 18:22:40
Subject: Re: Opening day in Anaheim at Angel Stadium
The Usurper: Things that unify the world... the Olympic Games, the World Cup... and the hatred of the NY Yankees! LoL!

29. March 2006, 10:24:57
Subject: Re:
Czuch Chuckers: so if Cuba forfeited their right to the money... who kept the money?? I thought the money was going to go to Cuba and then they would "re-direct" it to Katrina relief. By the way, was the Katrina-aid intended for Katrina-aid in all the countries that it hit or just in Cuba or just in the US? (with all the hurricanes last year, I don't recall where Katrina actually went through).

20. March 2006, 01:03:29
Subject: Re:
Andre Faria: Ooops, my bad: i had not updated my list! Glad that you joined the tourney also!

Nothingness : Living in Germany, I don't really get to "watch" almost any of the U.S. sports I used to watch. espn.go.com is my only ally left and have been mostly following the WBC and Spring Training stories!

19. March 2006, 18:41:16
Subject: Re:
Pedro Martínez: i contacted Doris so she would sign up for only one game in the World Cup format tourney! I'm surprised that André has not signed up for Hyper or Backgammon: El Cid already took the portuguese slot in BB+!

19. March 2006, 00:36:38
A'ight, here we go with the links: I assume everybody knows in which group their country is playing! :)

Group A: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14879&trnst=0
Group B: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14880&trnst=0
Group C: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14881&trnst=0
Group D: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14882&trnst=0
Group E: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14883&trnst=0
Group F: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14884&trnst=0
Group G: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14885&trnst=0
Group H: http://brainking.com/en/Tournaments?trg=14886&trnst=0

I'm just mad that Guatemala didn't make it to the World Cup, so I can't join! :P

Portugal is however one of the favorites coming in: by reaching the finals in the Euro... they showed that they could overcome that Ibero-curse that has been so far on Spain and also, sort-of, on the TUGAS! :)

18. March 2006, 23:56:43
Subject: by the way...
i thought I could announce this tourney here, for I am sure that most of the people in this board are already awaiting the month of June for the World Cup! Brazil winning again? Will The Netherlands finally win the big one? :)

18. March 2006, 23:54:57
Subject: Soccer World Cup Format...
and a tourney here in Brainking in Backgammon, Hyper Backgammon and Battleboats + for players from the 32 countries that are taking part in the World Cup 2006 in Germany!

The tournament will start in a week, so be sure to be the first of your country to sign up and represent your country! :-)

I would put the links here, but it would be 8 links (8 groups) so if you are interested, look for it in the main tournament page!


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