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Top entry fee prize tournaments
NameGame typeFirst prize status (Brains)Entry fee (in Brains)Signed players
+eeeeeee+Triple Dice Poker33607006
Wealthy Games W50Backgammon200010004
Wealthy Games W49Plakoto150010003
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Hyper Backgammon150010003
Fast Elimination 850 Brains W48Knight Fight12758503
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Dice Poker12008003
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W49Chess100010002
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W49Go 9x9100010002
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W49Behemoth Chess100010002
Wealthy Games W49Dice Chess100010002
Wealthy Games W49Knight Fight100010002
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Atomic Chess9009002
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Knight Fight9009002
Fast Elimination 850 Brains W48Behemoth Chess8508502
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Nackgammon8008002
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Behemoth Chess8008002
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Plakoto8008002
Fast Elimination 750 Brains W48Nackgammon7507502
Fast Elimination 750 Brains W48Behemoth Chess7507502
Week50 150 Brains *1148*Backgammon6001504
Week50 150 Brains *1148*Battleboats Plus6001504
Week50 150 Brains *1148*Dice Chess 10x106001504
Week52 150 Brains *1148*Backgammon6001504
Week52 150 Brains *1148*Battleboats Plus6001504
Week52 150 Brains *1148*Dark Battleboats6001504
Week52 150 Brains *1148*Dice Chess 10x106001504
Week51 INVITE ONLY *1148*Backgammon6001504
Week51 INVITE ONLY *1148*Battleboats Plus6001504
Week51 INVITE ONLY *1148*Dark Battleboats6001504
Week51 INVITE ONLY *1148*Dice Chess 10x106001504
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W49Atomic Chess50010001
Wealthy Games W49Triple Dice Poker50010001
Wealthy Games W49Logik50010001
Wealthy Games W50Dice Chess50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Backgammon50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Nackgammon50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Dice Chess50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Dice Poker50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Triple Dice Poker50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Logik50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Behemoth Chess50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Plakoto50010001
Fast Wealthy Elimination Brains W50Knight Fight50010001
Fast Elimination 950 Brains W49Backgammon4759501
Fast Elimination 950 Brains W49Nackgammon4759501
Fast Elimination 950 Brains W49Hyper Backgammon4759501
Fast Elimination 950 Brains W49Dice Poker4759501
Week50 150 Brains *1148*Dark Battleboats4501503
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Chess4509001
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Backgammon Race4509001
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Logik4509001
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Behemoth Chess4509001
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Dice Poker 6D4509001
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Triple Dice Poker 6D4509001
Fast Elimination 900 Brains W47Plakoto4509001
Fast Elimination 850 Brains W48Ludo4258501
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Ludo4008001
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Triple Dice Poker4008001
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Logik4008001
Fast Elimination 800 Brains W48Knight Fight4008001
Fast Elimination 750 Brains W48Ludo3757501
Fast Elimination 750 Brains W48Knight Fight3757501
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Finished tournaments

Name Time control (?) Creator
Fall Tournament  7 daysAntje
Fevga and others!  5 daysAntje
Dice Chess and Others Quick Start 3 daysAntje
Quick Start Gammons and others 3 daysAntje
Gammon Achievement Tourney 5 daysAntje
Gammons- Quick Play 2 daysAntje
Random Games -- Gammon Variants 5 daysAntje
Random Gammons 4 daysAntje
Triple Gammon Quickie 2 daysAntje
Quick Start Gammon and others 3 daysAntje
Can We catch imsoaddicted?? HURRY!! 1 day 12 hoursAntje
The Month is Almost Over-- More Action Points! 1 day 18 hoursAntje
We can catch Mihel II 1 day 18 hoursAntje
 We Can Catch Mihel! More Action Points!! 1 day 12 hoursAntje
Ludo and Backgammon--2 day limit 2 daysAntje
Back, Hyper, and Ludo--Quick Start 7 daysAntje
Ludo 3 days per move 3 daysAntje
Ludo 2 days per move 2 daysAntje
Ludo 1 day per move 1 dayAntje
12 hour Ludo and Backgammonnot usedAntje
More quick gammon games! 1 dayAntje
More quick games--12 hour limit 0.12/1/15Antje
Quick Games! 1 dayAntje
Some quick games! 1 dayAntje
A Few Quick Games 1 dayAntje
Quick Gammons 2 1 dayAntje
Quick Gammons 1 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon Tourney without the Cube 1 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon Tourney with the Cube 1 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon Tourney 5! 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon Tourney 4! 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon Tourney 3! 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon Tourney 2! 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon Tourney 1! 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon--And others! 2 1 dayAntje
Quick Backgammon-- And Others! 1 1 dayAntje
Quick Play Backgammon 3 1 dayAntje
Quick Play Backgammon 2 1 dayAntje
Quick play Backgammon1 1 dayAntje
Quick Gammons 5 1 dayAntje
Quick Gammons 4 1 dayAntje
Quick Gammons 3 1 dayAntje
Quick Gammons 2 1 dayAntje
Quick Gammons 1 1 dayAntje
Quickie Backgammon 235 1 dayAntje
Quickie Backgammon 234 1 dayAntje
Quickie Backgammon 233 1 dayAntje
Quickie Backgammon 232 1 dayAntje
Quickie Backgammon 231 1 dayAntje
Quickie Backgammon 230 1 dayAntje

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