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Creator: Brf
SPP Oct 2011 KOTH, 2 day moves, Rated
Yes, it's that time again! *1271* KOTH 2011 *1271* is here, and based on the preliminary Poll results the majority of SPP voted for a 2 day move time limit with vacation allowed. Deferring to the peoples choice I have set the requested 2 day move limits with vacation allowed, with a NEW START date of October 21!

Please also keep in mind that up to 19 other players can sign up, this may equal a total of up to 38 games you may be playing on October 17th! (MINIMUM of 10 Players required to start!) If you do not have enough open game slots for your membership level it is very likely you'll be auto-removed from the tournament at the start time.

Now is your chance to be the 2011 "King Of The Hill"! Remember though, only 20 people will be allowed to play in one BIG section. So sign up now to make sure that you get one of the twenty available slots, once all slots are gone the tourney is FULL, and you'll have to wait for the next KOTH. *12*

Aside from enjoying the view from the top of the hill, whomever wins this tournament will have their name added to the other fine champions listed below. Good luck to all players, it's going to be a fun tourney!

1st KOTH (6-08-2008) KOTH Champ - Jozso *1185*
2nd KOTH (9-26-2008) KOTH Champ - Dein *1185*
3rd KOTH (1-22-2009) KOTH Champ - Brf *1185*
4th KOTH (10-7-2009) KOTH Champ - Brf *1185**1185*
5th KOTH (10-1-2010) KOTH Champ - Nosovs*1185*
6th KOTH (10-21-2011)KOTH Champ - ?????

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Fellowship: Serious Pente Players
Match type: Normal game
Tournament type (?): two games (switched colors) for each two players
Membership level:     
Minimum number of players: 10
Maximum number of players: 20
Maximum number of players per section: 20
Final match type for two player section: 3 wins match
Time control (?): 2 days, standard vacation
Player rating: 100 <= BKR <= 4000
Unrated players: yes
Unrated games (no BKR will be affected by this tournament): no
Private tournament (you will send personal invitations): no
Sort players by BKR: yes
Status: finished
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